Minor Football Fixtures 2020

Has anyone seen any fixtures yet for Minor Football 2020 please.

Yeah, Iā€™m looking for that too.
Last year it was around 4 or 5 February when they came out. So maybe next week.

Not sure if the gradings have been released yet or if that comes out the same time as the fixture list?

The league entries came out on 20th January and they said CCC will review the gradings at their next meeting.

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In fairness to DCB, they did a great job in dividing out the leagues. Most of the one team clubs are in MFL 3 and MFL5. MFL4 is made up of 2nd teams with the exception of Crokes and Bodens 3rds. The two MFL6 leagues are the same, with 2nd and 3rd teams making up those two leagues. This should ensure, insofar as possible, that the games will be close enough.

Any scores from minor games today

Ronan Mac Lochlainn on the twitter machine will have them up.

Anyone know if st judes vs at bridgets in minor e championship group 4 was played and if it was anyone know the result please

St Judes 1-14 St Brigids 2-7