Minor Football Leagues 2023

Week One Fixtures for every MFL Division this year. 6 Divisions in total for 2023 (Div 5 and 6 split into North and South). Interesting to see that some teams that struggled to field in U17 and/or U19 last year are fielding 2 teams for 2023.

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How have an amalgated side ‘St.Peters’ in this example entered 2 teams in 3 & 6N. Surely one of these clubs should be representing their parent club now ???

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I stand to be corrected, think it’s been a good few years, anyways…

It’s good to see Erin’s Isle and Raheny back playing in MFL1,


Peters have been doing this for years to be fair. Garristown, Clann Mhuire and Ballyboughal are St Peters underage and then they (the player) go to their parent club for adult.

That’s a stupid statement . There could be 12 players from each individual club to make 36 which is enough for two teams but 12 players is not enough for one team.


Disagree, it’s not a stupid statement, one of the 3 is capable of going solo and should be encouraged to do so, it’s understandable at ccc2 level up to u16 where there are teams at every year but minor/u18 is a 2 year stint, if they’re putting in 2 teams the numbers are there.

Which of the three teams are capable of going solo then ?

The one with the biggest representation

And who is that

Don’t talk about things you don’t have a clue about good man.


Agree, especially Erin’s Isle. Raheny’s progress has been seen for a few years now in both codes. Isles progress probably less well known but equally welcome.

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Two teams that should be well able to compete in division 1 .
Both div 1 and div 2 look competitive this year
Hopefully their will not be many walk over compared to u19s league last year



Raheny 1-03
Boden 4-18

Lucan 11-11
Clontarf 1-10

Isles 3-11
Thomas Davis 1-04

Crokes 4-09
Judes 0-11

Na Fianna 1-05
Syls 2-07

BSJ 1-6
Castleknock 2-12

Ravens 3-12
Pats D 2-08

Cuala 0-09
Whitehall 2-15

Vinnies 4-11
TSS 1-09

Skerries 3-11
Fingallians 3-11

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Fair few trimmings there.

Not sure ive ever seen 11-11 before.

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Me neither, seems like it could be 1-11 and just a mistype on the match score, will try find out

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Good start for Erin’s Isle, Lucan and the usuals Crokes n Boden.

Big trimmings indeed for Clontarf and Raheny.

Not a mistake! 11-11 good lord!


11.11…How did Karius play ?

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Anyone know when minor championship draw is due to take place ? And will it be a 16 team format throughout or will they make an exclusive A and b Championship as per previous years where there seems to be only 3 groups in each top championships