Minor Hurling Championship 2016

As far as i know the draw was to be made last night with the first round fixed for September 4th. Anybody know if the draw was made last night or have the draw?

Absolute joke that this has waited so long.

Remarkable that in this day and age we haven’t 8 teams willing to compete in the A championship. One team to qualify from each group in the B will also rule out some team’s chances.

Crazy to have a bye in div 1 championship meaning 1 team could go 4 weeks without a match. Add in the inevitable wet weekend that we usually get in September/October and that could increase the delay again for a team. I presume it is the clubs decision to opt out of div 1 .

Agree that it’s amazing that A championship only has 7 teams. To be fair to the other clubs there is a bit of a gap in quality; only Clontarf may be able to compete with the A championship teams but they had slipped back at u16 (2 years ago) largely due to unavailability players I would say. They would have been capable of beating any of the A championship teams.
This weekend sees the start of the championship which is wide open. I don’t believe the league standings will reflect who the real contenders will be. Bridgets haven’t gone well in the league but with 5/6 on the Dublin team I would expect them to be slight favourites. They’re in Group 1 with Crokes, Lucan and Ballyboden. Lucas have been impressive and would have a few very handy u17 players. Ballyboden have been consistent in the league but struggled recently against Vincent’s and lost. While Crokes may be the weaker of the teams it might be correct to call it the Group of Death.
On the other side Vincent’s and Na Fianna would appear to be the contenders with Cuala having an outside chance of qualifying for the semis. Both Vinnies and Na Fianna have some very effective if not classy players who will be stars in the future.
Having seen a large number of minor games this year I would contend that the general standard is very good with a high level of skill and touch. Top amongst the performances would have been Lucan and Vincent’s who backed up the skill with passion and pace. Admittedly Na Fianna were missing their main man when I saw them but were still good. Ballyboden are a good well rounded outfit but have yet to step up their game, if they do they’ll give it a crack.
Looking forward to some decent weather and cracking games.

I’ll be very surprised if Na Fianna don’t win this. The standard is decent but they just have too much quality.

Vine and Na Fianna will come out of their group. Cuala not good enough to beat either. I think Na Fianna will be in the final no matter who they play in the semi. I suspect the other semi will be Vins and Boden. That one would be hard to call but whoever wins it will be underdogs in the final.

Na Fianna 4.24 Cuala 1.11 or thereabouts.

Brigids beat Boden 0-19 to 3-09

I wouldn’t rule Brigids out especially if they can get all their dual players playing both codes. Their big problem is that they don’t have a lot of quality in their first year minors.

If they’re only beating Boden by a point they won’t beat Na Fianna.

Worth nothing that they haven’t won anything since the Feile and I stand to be corrected but I don’t think they’ve ever beaten Na Fianna in a knock out game.

Vins beat Na Fianna 4.11 to 0.20.

Should have had a bit more faith in them. Although I suspect we will have to beat them again to win it out.

Any other results?

Incorrect Alan. They beat Na Fianna in the U16 Championship Semi-Final. Still think Na Fianna will win this out.

Boden gone. Could only manage a draw vs. Lucan this morning. Brigids and Crokes drew too. Vins hammered

Semis are Brigids vs. Na Fianna and Vins vs. Lucan.

I’ll go for a Na Fianna/ Vins final.

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Crokes beat brigids

So they did. Someone told me they drew. Clearly they were wrong!!

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It was a nothing game. They finished top no matter the result.

Does anybody know if the format for the B and C championships has changed? Is it still top of each group into the semi final or have they changed it to top two from each group into quarter finals?

No idea. But you cannot change the format of a competition once it has started!!!

Our lads are in C and got told top two from each group into 1/4 finals.