Minor Hurling Championship 2019

Might as well have a separate thread for championship.

Vins beat Cuala well.

Crokes beat Lucan by 9 and castleknock beat raheny well

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Ballyboden 2-18 Thomas Davis 0-09

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Na Fianna are only in the B Championship somehow and scored 7-20 on O’Toole’s :grimacing:

Do they only have the One team? If so, that’s bad form.

They have a team in C Champo too but you would still think Na Fianna would be automatic A Champo at minor every year

One thing I’m not a fan of is olafs being in c championship. They have 3 dublin minors from last year and one who won an all star

Sure what’s the point - Id always prefer to make a good go of it in the highest division we could rather than breeze to victory
Having said that I dont know the team so maybe 3 is all they have

From what I’ve heard they have a handy enough team and could have given the b a good go

I never understand that mentality

Part of what holds Dublin back? Good lads not being tested to their max because ckubs/managers want glory?

In fairness they only finished 3rd in division 2. Division 1 was nine teams and it seems that one team dropped to B while no one went up to A. Sometime even the biggest clubs can have a poorish bunch. No point in sticking them in the A to be slaughtered.

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Stick them in B to slaughter.

Crokes, Vinnies & Boden won their A-Championship games by a combined 44 points

Pats are struggling big time at Adult Level and gave a walkover in the D champo, not good for them

They haven’t just given a walkover, they’ve pulled out altogether as they couldn’t field a team. Last year they combined with Marks at Minor levle as “Western Gaels”, so things not looking too bright for them.

Will anyone other than a super club win A championship ever again i wonder. u15 to Senior

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Faughs have a very good chance of winning the U16 championship this year


Castlenock won the 16s last year, beat Td in the final

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Same team won the 15’s the year before.