Minor Hurling Leagues 2019

Preferred League entries by clubs. Will be finalized next week, they look fairly well balanced compared to previous years.

I don’t get my own clubs request to play in division 4. The U16 and Minor teams last year were both in division 2 so its disappointing to see that request

No Parnells, Maurs or Scoil representation

I thought isles would of went for 2 again myself. 4 seems to low for them. Towers doing well to field two minor teams, they must have big numbers.

Couple of changes to the original club requests. Balinteer and Faughs go to 2 and na fianna to 1. Not sure about the other leagues. These are the confirmed leagues for 2019. Let’s hope there is no revised leagues this year, they look well balanced on paper.

Faughs should be very competitive in Minor D2 this year. They were very strong at u16 and 15 last year.

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I wonder how many games will be played this year before deciding to restructure the leagues

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Only took one round last year :smiley:

Two rounds last year😏

Was a complete disaster last year,last game in division 2 south for us was played on December 9th,Division 5 championship final was also pushed back

Minor hurling leagues up on hill16.ie now.

Is it true that Dublin U20 panelists cannot play club games?

If it is it’s a complete joke.

If it is the clubs should stand up and refuse to release players to the county and insist that they play for their clubs. We’ll find out next weekend I guess.

As per thread Boden beat Vins by a point in a very poor game this morning Finished 0-11 to 0-10


Crokes beaten by Castleknock in an entertaining game. Crokes missing 5 or 6 Colaiste Eoin lads.

Lucan hammered raheny

Directive from Jim Gavin.

Surely that can’t be enforced ? Dubs play first U.20 championship game on 26th June .

Can’t be enforced unless clubs lie down and allow themselves be walked all over.


U20 county players are slowly turning into an hinderance for clubs if that’s the case. Better off with no Dublin reps… minors should be playing all league games up to May before champ