Minor Hurling Leagues 2023

Leagues sorted and ready to go 19th Feb.

New rule confirmed…no minors allowed play adult…unless you get clearance from CCC

  1. A player who is eligible to play in Under 18 competitions shall not be permitted to play in any adult league, championship or shield game/s unless he has written permission from CCC to do so. Permission shall be sought on a prescribed form and shall be signed by the Player, his Parent / Guardian and his Club Secretary. Penalty for breach of this regulation – Team – on proven objection – award of game to Opposing Team, on an inquiry by Committee in charge – Forfeiture of game without award to opposing team. Player – Two weeks suspension. Person(s) in charge of team in which breach was committed – Eight weeks suspension.
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Bad news for the small clubs, 2nd year minors should be allowed to compete at adult level with no restrictions.I know of a few clubs who relied on u18 players for their team, and one of them went onto win the Junior A football championship.


Looks like it be ok if they have a note from their Ma. Laughable


I’m assuming a form filled at the start of the season is what’s required for the season
Please tell me it’s not a form per game

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Yeh ya have to bring it with 2 euro subs :joy:
Believe its only a proposal

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Just an ass covering exercise by county board i believe


Crazy. I assume U21 is Adult? I agree it seems like you have to get a letter your Ma to play with the older boys. All clubs should just flood the CCC with requests in respect of all U18s. I would probably accept the regulation if it was for U17s.
As a matter of interest, did Con not play Senior with Cuala while still a Minor? I am sure most top Minors are, or at least were, playing with the first Adult team in their clubs ?


That TW?

The rule isn’t all bad as it encourages dual players at minor level. Instead of lads being dragged into adult teams and missing their own age group in maybe their less preferred code.



Sure what’s wrong with that? Let let them put more effort into the code they enjoy.

IMO there is plenty of time to do that after minor.


Plenty of time for sure but I just see it being a better transition when young lads can play a few adult games and still play with their own age group…let them get a feel for it before being thrown into a new panel of players the year after minor.

Awful rule…; forces 2nd year minors to take FFF (football for fitness) each alternate week, when they would much sooner play adult hurling…. Next year they will pick one code and end up not playing every second weekend…plenty of second year minors are well ready to “ play up”

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I agree, would always say lads should play both if they want but last year I saw some 18 year olds playing U19’s as first years didn’t train/play with adults thinking they would integrate this year. Lost their second year at U19 and now a bit lost getting into adult set ups.

I think lads should concentrate on playing U18 but get a chance as a sub on an adult team, helps that clubs don’t lose them all post minor. Most minor young lads are fitter and going to gyms more than generations of the past. Wouldn’t want 15/16 year olds playing adult and getting broke up but some minor lads are post secondary school so time to loosen the apron strings.

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Why will they only pick one though ? Plenty of adult players are playing dual.

I fully agree though that stronger U18s are well capable of playing adult. I suppose each club would have their own take on it, I know my club encourages all minors to play both codes. We withdrew our 19s hurling team and the majority of them got to a junior final last year, great exp and most have integrated into adult much easier for this year.

Minor football and adult hurling both take place on the same Sunday. Let the players decide….I’ve no issue if a duel player wants to still play both, but for those who already know the code they will take, if they would prefer to play up to adult they should be allowed…

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Agree with that. Best for the player to have the choice.

Let lads play out year at Minor, plenty of time to play Adult.

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