Minor Hurling Leagues 2023

Very simplistic. What happens the one code players who need dual players in order to have a team?
In some clubs the stronger code wins and the weaker code players lose out. In others they fall between two stools, end up with no teams, and everyone loses out.

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So lads miss out on playing they’re preferred code to facilitate lads playing another? Just let them play what they want. It was never a big issue so I don’t know why they are messing with things that didn’t need messing with. U18 should be playing adult if they choose.


Just what is needed at the moment-more rules that have to be policed!
We sure are a great little country with our hunger for regulations now!
Leave it to the youngfella and his parents to decide!The standard of hurling in the lower leagues has come on so much in the last few years.The days of auld boys flaking young lads is well gone!Stop putting barriers up!
Sure wasn’t Joe Canning 15 when he played Senior for his club?Didnt do him any harm and he didn’t need any note from his Ma!


Anyone know when the minor fixtures should be out?

Week 1 Fixtures up on website, search for weekend of the 19th in future fixtures

Thomas Davis put in Hurling Div 5 after having a Div 1 team U16 in 2021 and Div 2 U16 last year. Makes no sense at all. We have been Div 2 minor for the last 8 years or so,.

Surely a mistake.

Makes no sense. Towers have a second team graded higher as do a few other clubs

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Very surprised to see this, they’d have some very strong last year minors this year. Would not having U.17’s last year have effected the decision? From memory I think you went U.19 instead as you’d number of lads playing with Dubs last year.


Good to see Thomas Davis at least go up one grade to Div 4, towers 2 have switched down to 5. No help of the DCB.


Heard there was “an incident” at a game in Ringsend this morning. Sad to hear that teams are still more interested in playing the man ratger than the ball

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Umpire was having a shouting match with players then they got in a fight behind the goal. Umpire got a good few boots off Finbarrs players when on the ground then everyone joined in the melee to try and stop it.
Not a good sight.

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Throw them out of the league and championship. At all levels if needs be. A fine punishes decent club members, and a suspension/loss of points doesn’t really do anything

Savages. They made the paper anyway. People trying to take the game back to the dark old days.

Seen its up on independent.ie now. Hopefully county board take action against clubs/players involved.

Crazy thing is the umpire is probably either a coach or parent. Sickening hearing this.

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Liam there is two sides to this story one side did not go to the newspaper. Despite an assault on a 16 year old by an adult match official.

I will make no more comment on this incident here but I would urge caution to those running with the one sided article in the independent

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Sad incident. Some very decent people in that club doing some very good work both in their club and around the area. Shame 1 or 2 let them down today but disagree with comments about saying they should be thrown out at all levels. Isolate the individuals in the teams concerned.

Would you like to comment on what happened at the other goal and why the referee removed the umpire from the post.

Let the gards deal with it before the res dubs jury hangs everyone