Minor League 2018

I know it was only back last week, but who is looking strong in the football this year ? Na Fianna have won the last 3 ?

Sorry, it was hurling they’ve won last 3 in although I think they did win football as well last year ?

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Think Whitehall are strong at this age and will go close in Championship

What about Vincent’s, Naf, Kilmacud, Boden etc ?

A year too early for Vincents. Will be there or thereabouts next year alright.

First Round Results of MFL Div 1: https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/results/125545

Thomas Davis won the league last year, Na Fianna won the Championship

Do top two play in a final or is it just whoever finishes top after all league games ? Presumably it’s the same in hurling as well …

Na fianna won’t be as strong as last few years

Very hard to judge at minor, Davis will be ok this year but very young won’t be in the mix , should be stronger next year, Vincent’s probably be a bit young this year aswell, if they keep all there players they will be hard bet next yr

Crokes won the 16 league Division 1 two years ago by a point over Whitehall. Whitehall beat Boden (who had earlier beaten Crokes), in the championship final. Vincents finished third in the league in 2016 and won the 2017 U/16 championship. Winner likely to come from those four although missing county players may well create a problem for any or all of them.

Whitehall won league & champo @ u16. They won league playoff by 1 point out in crokes. Skerries could b dark horses if either whitehall r crokes slip up. Crokes should continue their dominance in hurling, they’ve won everything all the way up.

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Didn’t know there was a final. League table shows Crokes on top by a point.

League format changes every year, @ u15 table was final at end of league. Hard to keep up with them.

Could be wrong Alan but thought Whitehall beat Crokes by a point not the other way round ?

I meant they won the league table by a point. I didn’t realize there was a final after that.

Yeah sure it’s impossible to know from one age to the next what format they adopt from one year to another