Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017

2017 draw:

Tier One (Dublin, Wexford)
Tier Two (Kilkenny, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath)
Tier Three (Carlow, Kildare, Wicklow, Meath)

First round
Kilkenny v Westmeath
Laois v Offaly
Kildare v Carlow
Meath v Wicklow

If I am reading this right we could potentially run into a team playing it’s third game in our first game, lose, and go out. Dublin and Wexford are the only teams with no second chance.

Leinster Council just has no idea how to run competitions.


I think we play one of the winners of the top two fixtures from tier 2.
Then the losers of tier 2 play winners of tier 3.

Think it’s will the same confusing system as last year.

Clear as mud alright.

Hey it’s the GAA, we wouldn’t want a logical competition would we. God forbid we’d have a grade where a team had load of matches in a clear and logical competition structure which allowed teams to have an off day without knocking them out for the rest of the season.


Not often kilkenny are cosidered tier two, is that based on the minors last season (no bearing on these teams) or on these teams at younger age groups? I noticed that kilkenny were competing in the second tier of the u14 the other week.

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How are the minors looking for next year anyways, many/any of this years lot still underage? Same management team or a new one?

New I would imagine. The previous have had two years. I’ve no idea how good next year’s team is.

very disappointing. go and have a long hard think about your contribution to this site Alan. :sweat_smile:


U17 comp this year meant to be run off from june to august.seedings based on last years results same as senior.

Thought this was an interesting segment in the Coiste na nÓg Secretary’s Report, shows that the numbers participating at very young age groups is still growing strongly. Well done to all involved.

CCC1 Go Games Programme (U8 to U12)

OurUnder 8 to Under 12 activity is a good measure of activity levels over a period of time as all games are played on a Saturday morning. While Football has seen a very favourable increase of +3.9% versus last year,Hurling has seen a +8.1% growth in 2016.So for every 100 children who play Football , 86 played Hurling in 2016 ( equivalent past ratio’s82% in 2013, 67% in 2010 , 64.5% in 2008).

The U11 & U12 Football age groups commenced on Saturday February 6th with the U8, U9 & U10s starting on Saturday February 13th.The Hurling season began for all age groups on Saturday February 20th. CCC1 has issued over 10,000 Go Games fixtures this year.

Cathaoirleach CCC1, Anne O Dea, has more information on the CCC1 season later in this report.


Worrying result.

It was a B team that played Laois. The A team were meant to play Clare but it was rained off

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Suspected there might be something going on alright - who is managing the minors this year?

Glad to hear it.

Fintan Clandillon from Lucan

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Minor As play Cork @ 12.30. Minor Bs play Amtrim in minor league @ 2.30, d
Both in DCUs grounds.

Matches on saturday

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Was this the a team?