Misheard song lyrics

Genghis Khan is going to get you.

Instant Karma, John Lennon.

(Squeeze on the theme of Christian Brotherhood fiddling at school) - Tempted by the flute of a Brother.

Kate Bush and her Wuddering, wuddering, wuddering a hi-ace

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From the same film…

“Bald headed woman”.

Always intrigued me to hear Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton singing about Ireland’s Industry …


“Won” is my favourite U2 single.

“Saddle the horse I’m done” winds up my 5 year old likewise

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KD lang - I Cant stand gravey

Simple minds - I like your chicken

Is Simple Minds Ollie’s theme tune?

Hot Chip Over and Over.

I think the lyric is "playback, playback, we’ll give you playback’

It sounds like laidback.

Although you were taking the Michael, would make a good theme tune!

Should that not be “I like your Chicken Wings”?

D’oh… beat me to it.

Again …

@Harper Just one of my many marketing strategies… for just 3% of your annual turnover I could make you as rich as an incarcerated Nigerian Prince/ss

The Stones had to give KD a songwriting credit when they ripped that off for…

Thats harsh to be fair. There are similarities in loads of songs that could say they were rip offs, but I’m sure Dub09 will start another thread about that when this one fizzles out

BTW, thanks for the video, never saw it before. Angelina Jolie :heart_eyes:

Yeah, you’re right, ripped off was a tad hyperbolic.

Angelina doesn’t really do it for me
(I’d say she’s gutted)

I know what you mean :crazy_face:

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Yeah but all those kids, it’d cost you about 400 euro in babysitters every time you wanted to go for a pint…

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Never did anything for me either. Not down to lack of asking either. Until that Court order …

Why does she have coordinates on here arm?