Mlb 2016

Any Cubs fans on here?

The Indians lose out. I wonder will disgruntled fans in Cleveland vote for Trump as a consequence, swinging Ohio for him?

i dont even know what sport this is :grinning:

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Does this mean that Mayo have to wait another 16 years for their curse to go?

GO CUBS GO!!! :baseball:

Enda Kenny? He’s a curse on the whole country.

Great win for the Cubs.
Conceivably there is no sport more nerve wracking than play off Baseball. and IMO exciting.
Theo Epstein. the General manager that ended the 86 year win for the Red Sox is now the general manager that ended 108 year wait for the Northside of Chicago.

Steve Bartman officially out of the doghouse now. They’re a young team. with enough drive and will they could dominate baseball for 4 to 5 years.

This is great.

Not gonna lie. I shed tears today.

In a year of lengthy sporting droughts ended, thankfully we didn’t let Mayo join that list :grinning:

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If we beat the All Blacks on Saturday, I’m going to be really fcuking worried about 2017. We may as well hand over Sam to Mayo on Sunday morning. :grinning:

Hopefully we don’t beat the All Blacks then as we will never hear the fecking end of it otherwise & we would probably lose against Canada as we do the usual thing of winning one big game and cocking it all up the next…

The Steve Bartman story is one of the most sickening in all of sports. The ESPN 30 for 30 telling his story is one of the saddest sports docs I have ever seen. Quite frankly the Cubs fans never deserved another success in my view.

Very hard to do back to back in baseball. Hasn’t been done since the Yankees 99-01 team. Near impossible.

Best game was saved for game 7 I thought the Cubs had blown it when Cleveland hit that homer in the 8th to tie 6-6 but the rain delay seemed to focus the cubs and when Cleveland walked them in the 10th to load the bases you just felt the Cubs would do something special. Good year for baseball hopefully the Blue Jays will push on next year but they may have to do it without Encarnacion.

Red Sox were well placed with about 5 or 6 games left in the regular season and then took the foot of the pedal to rest players, having won their division, instead of pushing on for home field advantage. Once the Blus Jays dumped Texas, I thought they might win out.

Red sox don’t have the pitching right now to win in the post season. Price for a 217 million man has never delivered in Oct. this year he went with the script. They better pray he opts out of his salary in 2018.
giving up huge talent for Poomeranz who has a dodgy elbow. If Clay Bucholz is the answer I don’t want to know the question. The only one that really was expecting to do anything was Porcello and sadly he was quiet.

They need two more arms, a healthier pen and a Papi replacement that doesn’t explode in their face like the panda deal.

I’ve seen worse in Parnell park. Not condoning what went on but the media concentration on it has largely made it a much much bigger deal. The ESPN story (as is their MO , the utter bastards) ensures his name lives on in history, the name is linked to cubs failure and had they continues to lose in big games the legend would grow, but like Bill Buckner was a handy piñata for Red Sox fans thankfully Bartman’s instinctive catch becomes a fading memory. He doesn’t go to watch baseball games anymore. Keeps himself to himself and today he’s incredibly happy I bet.

As for the Cubs. they’ve the best GM in baseball. Arguably the best manager in the game. Two ace’s in Lester and Arrieta. three or four cost controlled talented players and Chapman in the pen.
they may not repeat but I would say theres a couple more series in them.

is Chapman not a free agent now?

So he is…

Cubs gave up four players to get him. thought he was on a two year deal in New York.

Did somebody manage to track him down ? Thought he went into a self imposed witness relocation program ?

Ah just read he has a lawyer who represents him if the media go looking for contact .

Price is a decent pitcher but he’s not going to deliver a series.
Bautista and Encarnacian are both free agents now and they won’t opt to sign with the Jays again. Could see either or both in Chicago or Boston.

I’d avoid a long term deal for either. Encarnacion really has to hope he ends up in the AL. DH is his position now. although it will affect the overall dollars.

I pray Boston stays out of the market for both. Unless they can get the Sensible 3 to 4 year DH deal for Encarnacion. Last thing they want to do with that lineup is fit another square peg into a round hole. someone will overpay. Someone always does in these situations and over the medium term it bites them in the arse.

I thought Madden had made a grave error using Chapman in game 6 but what do I know. It nearly came back to bite him.

The Bartman story was always going to raise its head one last time whenever Chicago finally won it all. Hopefully now he can continue to live a life away from the media, the fairy tale ending of him walking out on Wrigely someday to throw the first pitch wont happen in my view.