Motor homes

Seen as I just cancelled the overseas holliers, anyone know of a good motorhome rental company in Ireland? Thinking of doing it in style this year. We usually do a weekend camping every year, but kinda fancy doing a full 10 days in a decent motor home buzz this year and travel around a bit

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I would have come across Pat through rallying many years ago. Has some lovely old classic 70s Fiats like the 131 Abarth he has in Alitalia colours.

I don’t think he rents going by his website but he might be able to recommend a few places for you.

Nice one. I’ll trade him me Alfa for a motor home seen as he is into Unreliable Italian cars :wink:

It’s a fair deal, now take it!


Have you a tow bar on the Alfa?

I don’t. The Alfa can’t pull itself up a hill never mind anything else!

The i40 has one.

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Fancy the use of a caravan then? It’s yours if you want.


Mucho gracias Rochey, May well be back you on that. Just trying to work out an itinerary and see if the country will actually be open so we can go anywhere!

Have started doing a stock take on the old camping inventory - been a couple of years since we did it but looks like we’ll do it in August.

Someone recommended these to us as well if we decided to look at motorhomes or