Munster Football Championship 2016

Cork in real trouble ,tipp in front by 7 points at half time, haven’t beaten Langers in 72 years ,and missing loads of first choice players as well.

Yeah, fair play to Tipp if they can pull this off, especially as a lot of their great U21 team from a couple of years ago, headed off to the States.

According to RTE only 2,734 at the game …in semple stadium .That’s taking the piss.:angry:

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Thats the respect football gets in Tipp, I hope they win it

3.13 to 1.10 up with five to go. I think they have it.

Cork GAA is in crisis.

I take it back. Tipp concede 1.6 without replay in eight minutes.

All tied with Cork & Tipp. 70th mintute

Tipp up by 2. Injury time.

All over. Tipp did it. Fair fucks !

3-15 to 2-16

First win over Cork since 1944

They’d have been set back ten years if they’d lost that after being up by so much. Well done.

Could be an interesting Munster Final.

Cork all over the shop.

God it was actually level at one stage :open_mouth:, would have been an awful collapse for Tipp , Kerryesque.

Yep. Great intestinal fortitude shown by Tipp to push on and get the win, after Cork went on their run to tie it all up. Shame they have lost so many good players this year. Don’t give them much of a chance against Kerry.

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I think the PROC has shut down :joy::joy:, hope it’s not my phone that’s the problem :joy::joy:

Nope. I’m getting the 500 Internal Server Error message too. :joy:

Sums the problems with Cork up to a tee !

Could be of benefit for us, if Kerry arrive in the semi finals* without the benefit of their yearly ‘clean out the bad day-zil’ game against Cork.



( * This post in no way promotes or condones complacency, or takes for granted the fact that we’ll even be in the semi finals. :innocent: )


Cork out of both Munster C’ships by mid June … Bring back Frank Murphy …

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So no gut check for Kerry from cork in Munster this year . Just as likely they’d end up in the semi final having had no stern test.

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Might’be the worst thing to happen in terms of cork’s season ,the team that finished was definitely stronger than one that finished.Kerry would have done a number on them if they had squeezed past tipp, when the shitstorm passes they can use qualifiers to rebuild confidence .They are still capable of one decent performance to take out a top 4/5 team in croker .

Lifted from the PROC. A strike? They really are a peculiar breed

"Fucking shambles of a county…im not sure whose worse footballers or hurlers now. Another 2 duds in charge of cork senior teams…i bet there’s fellas out there coaching u14 sides with more nous about them to run our senior teams.

I’ve said it before tis only an ALL out strike at every level in cork will bring this to a head…sick shite of hearing…but the clubs blah…■■■■ the clubs what are they doing about this??? Nothing they still vote and put up with this shite…have we lost our marbles in cork…its like we are paralzised by fear to do anything to effect change. I for one will never attend a cork game again will never again pay 5 euro to a old county board prick down the maradyke until I see change"

[quote=“Trueblueforever, post:18, topic:556”]the team that finished was definitely stronger than one that finished.