Munster Football Championship 2020

So pointless Munster and Leinster finals next year.

Surely it gives another County a chance to play in Munster Final? It was always fixed that neither Kerry or Cork could meet until the final.

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The race to finish second

It puts a poor team one game away from the Super 8s.


You’ll never hear anything about Kerry having ruined the🙂Munster Champ. Still Dublin’s fault that Kerry have to do what they have to do just to compete …

So if cork lose they’ll be in the tier 2 All Ireland. Is that right?

Think so. Unless they get promoted back to Div 2, I’d imagine.

Second class citizens.

That’ll go down well in Langer Land. :joy:

Yes that is right under the current proposals and if said proposals are voted in on 19th October.

Under same proposals mentioned above
If they get promoted in 2020 to Div 2 then in 2021 they will be in Tier 1

Pretty sure that’s yet to be decided and will be decided If the proposals are adopted.

It depends if Tipperary can bounce back from last year. Otherwise it will probably be a one-sided Munster Final.

Correct. When I said under same proposals mentioned above it included the “and if said proposals are voted in on 19th October.”

Ah yes, my bad!

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If Cork beat Kerry would Kerry be relegated to the ‘B’ championship or would their League status see them remain in the main championship?

No they’d go into the qualifiers

as mentioned by @anon99011615 they would go into qualifiers as their league status (div1 or div2) means they are in tier 1

If Cork beat Kerry and Clare fail to beat Tipp Clare go into B championship.