Munster Hurling Championship 2021

Be two big losses if they’re not available


I can’t keep up everything is happening so fast, seem too quick that this is this weekend! Should be a cracking game. No idea which way it’ll go although Waterford seemed to improve as the league went on.

Without Fives, they’ll be at sixes and sevens.

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Clare had a strong finish to the league

Looking forward to clare v Waterford, few injuries on both sides.

Excellent preview- way better then you’ll get on the box shortly

Waterford by 6

Clare have started well, defending well and pucking some good scores.

Marty does t even know it’s Bennett taking the free :roll_eyes:

He is fucking useless

Water break - clare lead 7-3 - not brilliant standard really, some nice scores but some terrible wides.

Jesus some of the long range shooting is awful.

If Dublin hit some of these wides the server would be crashing

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Clare have scored 9 points and had 12 wides in 24 minutes

Should be further ahead. Waterford only 5 points on 25 minutes, all be it against a breeze.

Should be 6 now. Not sure how many from play v frees.

That’s better

1-10 to 0-06 clare well on top, ball not sticking in forwards at all for Waterford. Clare wides keeping Waterford in it.

The wides are unreal. Conlon dominating from CHB.