My favourite away trip

What was your fav away game/trip? With county or club - or indeed for any sport seeing as us Dubs don’t travel much.

I’ll start with Cork 1983. A magnificent occasion from start to finish. A glorious day, a convoy of Dubs, a sea of red one end, blue the other. The perfect performance, sublime goals, stuffing Cork and a few beers all the way home. Nigh on perfect.

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Thurles the first day, it was mental trying to get there. And the hill on tour really rocked in 2nd half. My daughters first game, they were supposed to stay with their ma in town while I was at the match. I had tickets for the brother and wife who were coming from sligo but due to the the traffic we couldnt meet so took the daughters with the tickets.


Was on some great trips around Leinster back in the 70 s but the highlight of all trips with Dublin teams was Pairc Ui Caoimh in 83. Arriving into Connolly Station at 7-30am that morning to a train on every platform all filling up and travelling non stop to Cork. Then the ground itself, the noise and atmosphere was like nothing I ever experienced at any match, in any sport, before or since.


First Thurles game, everything around it, even though we didn’t win. The night before and the morning of the game down there, the build-up in Hayes’ hotel, and being rescued by randomly being found and rescued by a friend there after, whilst asleep on the stairs. The ball being kicked around the square. Magic.

The context for those who weren’t around back then was that apart from it being a one-off to get such a game in a place and stadium like Thurles, it was the first championship meeting with Kerry since 1985. And of course we were expected to be well beaten by the reigning All Ire champs.

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Parnell park. Great times back in the day. :rofl:

Wexford park 85 iirc…sitting on the pitch behind the goal and the dublin occupied terrace behind.Scoreboard was taken over that day and had a cricket score on it

Hurling league match in glaway feb 14.Not many there but the pints in the kiloran in salthill afterwards were a thing of beauty.

Just to add …the h/t entertainment in Galway was that most wonderous tune :joy::joy:
Come down from the mountain Katie Daly.

Blasted from the tannoy…place was a rockin.

Thurles the first day. Aul fella drove down. Headed for KK as the traffic was so bad. Were given a Garda escort with about 10 other Dub cars all the way to park near the stadium. Made in it just as HT whistle blew. Amazing day, or half one. The colour, the noise, big Vin. Maurice with that kick.

For the replay we got a bus down with the club. Beer all the way down, during, and after. Could handle it then. Sickening result but sure we were used to them, and would get used to more. Coming home the spirits were still high. Had never been on the road like it before. Best part was being able to get off the bus for a slash, without having to argue with the driver to stop. Time you were finished, bus was only about 200 yards up the road!


Was in Wexford Park day. That was the day a Dubs fan dropped into (literally!) the middle of the Dubs team talk in the dressing room before the game.

Heard he got a few slaps as Well…how true though I don’t know.

Funny story about that 83 games vs Cork.

Before my time but after the game my aul lad and his aul lad went for a few to drown their sorrows. A few pints later my grandad was having a shouting match with a dub who was there with his daughter. Both the daughter and my dad kept their heads down but didn’t they end up getting married a year and a half later! (So yes, my mothers a dub). Her dad said to her when she brought him home, “I can’t believe you want to marry a fckn langer”. She’s been living here 36 years wouldn’t dare shout for Cork (mainly to piss the aul lad off too).

She obviously has great memories of the game herself. She was mad about Anton O’Toole and Dean Rock will forever be known as Barneys son to her.


Thats a great story ,rebelsforliam

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Was it not in the Wexford dressing roof he fell through ( a member of Thomas Davis I believe).

Ha, that’s deadly! Who did you shout for in the 2010 semifinal?

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Lived in cork all my life so I had no problems deciding who to shout for. An interesting afternoon with both on either side of me shouting for the opposite teams. A shame we haven’t had many meetings since.

I’d shout for Dublin if cork weren’t playing but my dad never would unless it was against Kerry. Exception was 11 final when mam lost her dad a week before who had been waiting since 95 to get over the line. Every year would be Dublin’s year according to him, never saw it unfortunately. My Dad, a cork man born and bred willed Cluxton to kick that free over, also helped that they’d beat Kerry in the process

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Dublin Kerry drawn game 01 (thurles) on eir now. 2nd half just started.

Serious memories flooding back. Went down with 3 mates (was 17) and a sleeping bag on the Friday night. Camped on a Gaa pitch in the school next door to semple. Threw all the gear in a bush before heading to the center of the town on sat morning. Great days


Fav away venue is Clones…esp on Ulster final day

Always bump into ones and the atmosphere in the town is great.

Hard to pick one game in particular. Maybe the semi v Donegal in ‘11 I think. Ran Tyrone into the ground. Have a soft spot for them though.

Were you at any of the famous clashes of the 90s involving Tyrone, Derry, Down and Donegal? I know it wasn’t Tyrone’s great era compared to the other 3 but they were still very involved. And of course that Down V Derry game is still looked on as one of the all-time greats

Due to the old format - Tyrone went out early then. But remember seeing Derry. Anthony Tohill was some player.

(His son Anton is in Australia now).

That’s where a lot of the Derry v Tyrone rivalry took place, although it’s nowhere the same now. A bit like Meath v Dublin.

But we’d go down to Dublin for the AI Finals and watch it in a bar. For some reason the Donegal one sticks out…’92? But that was a great period for Ulster teams.

I was thinking of the Ulster clashes. Nearly every football follower in the country was following those rivalries back then, and the great players involved. Part of it was relief that there was an end to the era of total Kerry dominance followed by the grim, often turgid Meath-Cork rivalry

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