My favourite bits ..... 2011 to now

Though mathematically and horologically the same length as every other week, this week will not feel like that … it is going to be a long week. In a bid to help ease the tension, to keep those glasses half full and to keep the firm blue tint in those spectacles I suggest we look back at this team’s achievements since 2011.

What were your favourite moments – on the pitch and off. League and Championship. All anecdotes welcome – the funnier the better. Some may even be true. Novel sized contributions will be frowned upon … ye know who ye are.

So what was your favourite score, save, trip, banter you heard, exchange with other fans, players?

Best offering wins two tickets courtesy of dcr.

Alan Brogan running down to the Hill last year after the game was over , jumping around like a lunatic like he had just won a free in a hurling match . Was made up for him :smiley:

Without a doubt Clucko’s kick to win it for us in 2011. Movie stuff if ya ask me.

The moments are starting to blur together now, there are just so many of them.

In the handball alley bar, about an hour after the '13 final. A karaoke machine is blaring out random pop songs and Dubliners tunes, but no one is really paying any attention. Everyone is too busy yakking about the game. Then Sweet Caroline comes on and the place goes FUCKING BALLISTIC. Couldn’t join in. The voice was buggered.

Jock straps ticket hunt in 2013

The Dubs flag on top of the Daniel O’Connell monument in Glasnevin Cemetery before the '13 Kerry semi.

Bastick’s back flip in the '11 final

Kevin Nolan’s truly epic point… (We owe that lad a lot. Pity his Dubs career seems to be over.)

Philly’s point off Gooch last year. And the stunned “how very dare he” reaction from the Kerry Media Mafia.

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Absent friends …

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Everything about the 2011 final but in particular McManamon scoring the goal that turned 16 years of pain into the igniting of Dublin’s great run since. Yes while Clucko’s point sealed the deal & won the game, without Kev’s goal it wouldn’t have mattered.

I was lucky enough to be one of the 80,000 there that day and can produce the ticket stub to prove it. It’s true what they say the ground did actually shake. In years to come if all the people who claim to be there are added up the attendance will be up near 200,000 but for those of us who have struggled through the later part of the 90’s and all of the 00’s it was a day that made all the freezing nights attending the O’Byrne Cup in January or scraping the frost off the car after a League game in February so worth while. At last we had regained our crown, thanks to the Boys in Blue!


The Reservoir Dubs Limerick Competition thread was brilliant on the old forum.

Mr Cool kicking the winning free (while everyone else crapped themselves) in 2011 and the outpouring of euphoria that followed, hugging random strangers drinking like an eejit etc.

Alan Brogans late cameo point in last years final was a special way to bring down the curtain on a great career and well deserved

The homecoming to Skerries the day after the 2011 was fairly special to me, for obvious reasons. This was put together and the songs fits perfect. Still makes the hairs stand up on my neck every time I watch it. Still have my ticket, program and a lighter with the Dubs - All Ireland Champions 2011 all stashed away safely


Loved that video so much I wanted to get the videographers to work on a project for the company I work for. The lads eating the chicken wings, poor fuckers looked like they where starving.

They were starving, they hadnt eaten all day and been on the beer all day. There was no one allowed in the clubhouse apart from the bar staff. My wife did that grub for them on the house so myself and a few friends delivered them up and stayed in the clubhouse. Great experience

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ended up in your clubhouse that night somehow Harper…some craic…missed the wings though!

heard a good one about the lads having a party in MDMA’s house the night after a champo game one year

Paddy Andrews txt one of them to get the address…Jim Gavin lives close by so guess what address PA was given

Queue Mr & Mrs Gavin answering the door to merry PA standing there with a bag of cans wondering where the party was :joy:


Brilliant. I can imagine Jim saying… this is not part of the process Paddy.

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Yea some night. Think I eventually went home around 4.30. It was 3.30 the night of the final, back at it from 1pm that day, so a few pints were had. Went down the Tuesday to collect the trays from the food and Bryan was there with SAM getting photos taken. Ended up getting on it again. Some week!

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This might seem a strange one but in the 13 semi final, Dermos point after Kev’s goal was one of my favourite moments ever in Croker. Dermo doesn’t normally show too much emotion after a score but even he ran back with his hand raised punching the sky. It was the moment that confirmed we won the greatest game of all time for me. Never celebrated a point apart from Clucko 11 so much in my life

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This one?


That’s the one

Is that Chairman a Kerry man?

Indeed he is. Loves the Dubs :joy:

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Fixed that for you.

Crazy Horse’s goal in the Qtr final (sorry Daller :weary:)

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[quote=“Dub09, post:1, topic:1059”]
In a bid to help ease the tension …
[/quote]Wha? Jesus, I’m not the better of reading this thread, and it’s only six hours on the go. I think I need to go for a lie down.