Name that player

Super baller

Are these your words or an actual description ?

Obvious. Aidan O’Shea. :grinning:

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Have to say your structure is all over the place but good effort :joy: Or maybe not :thinking:
A,B,C,B ?

Has to be DC. Is there a prize?

Lost me … entirely …

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Yeah. You get to stay on the pitch for 70 minutes.

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Last word in second line rhymes with last word in fourth line .

Christian Brothers?

Leaving Cert Honours English :sunglasses::joy:

So is it Iambic Pentameter or…

Poetic licence = do what you fcuking like! :wink:

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ballad stanza


Yeah Ballad stanza or maybe Anapestic or even Dactylic…? :smile_cat:

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Dali was not constrained by iambic pentameters … nor Picasso by rhyming couplets … poets can merely be taken for what a word’s worth …

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