Naomh Barróg seek applications for the position of Senior Hurling Manager/Coach

Naomh Barróg CLG are seeking applications for the position of a Senior Hurling Manager/Coach for the AHL1 team. The team has had a very successful few years where in 2019 they won the Dublin AHL Division 2 title, thus gaining promotion to AHL Division 1 with the team also competing in the Dublin Senior ‘B’ Hurling Championship for the upcoming 2020 season.

The Club is looking for an ambitious Manager or Coach to take on the role and build on the foundations with this young team that has been built up in the Club over the last few years. The Club is looking for someone who has experience with modern coaching & player development, and would be open to new ideas/structures to be implemented to help improve and the develop our players.

The initial term of the position is for 2 years subject to an annual review by our Adult Games Co-Ordinator and the Club Executive Officers.

Expressions of interest for this position are now invited to be submitted by email to our Club Secretary at


Cracking job for someone

What happened last years manager after such a successful season? A bit strange :thinking:

Big step up from 2 up to 1, bit of a poisoned chalice most can be hoped for is survival it last years management team aren’t going to build on momentum

By all accounts year did not end well. Very disappointed with the defeat to Na fianna 2nd team.

They would have been heavy favourites for that one. Can understand how it didn’t go down well TBH.

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One bad result in an otherwise good season tho?

Some clubs remind of the film The Commitments, smell of success and it goes to the head , I know nothing about Barrog so I’m not say that’s what happened in this case, sometimes success can be as hard to manage in a club as failure