National Football League 2017

I knew there was another brother Dee. Never knew there was a fourth. Best of luck to them Bren been Lucans go to man for years.

Carney also played dublin minor. Wonder if these boys will see game time?

That fella is unhinged.

Any links for the Mayo game ?

I’m also looking for one please if it is floating about on the PMs.

And then he wakes up and the Nurse gives him his meds :grin:

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Whereabouts is Cavan?

Just Off the M50 . . . Near the Spawell

Traffic must be bedlam there then

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Quinn from Castle knock is the one they really wanted

We all cringe when Brady opens his mouth believe you me.


Real interesting match ups this weekend, potentially copies of the AI semi finals to come in the Autumn. I know it is only the league and all that but how we come through against Tyrone and equally how Mayo and Kerry goes could influence the confidence of the team’s if they meet again in the AI series.
Really looking forward to it, Tyrone games are always a tough one.

Don’t blame you and Andy Moran is his natural successor

Now now…we all love Andy in Mayo :slight_smile: His enthusiasm for football and love of playing for Mayo makes him a role model. He also does a lot of work with kids and charities in Mayo.

Still blows my mind the odd time ive seen him in Durkin’s with the family in Ballagh . Can’t get my head around a Ballagh lad playing for Mayo :upside_down_face:

Ah he has come a long way from fighting in his Roscommon jersey in the square in Ballagh alright.

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I believe he was born in Mayo General in Castlebar. Ballagh is like Syria for tension (excuse the irony considering recent events) during the summer :wink:

Also consider this…not one Roscommon player or Leitrim player in the future or possibly now that lines out for their county was born in that county…their passport will say Mayo Galway or Sligo.

On that basis nobody will be eligible for meath, kildare or wick low ever again either… Palestine would be more appropriate as regards a gaa land grab


Which county is Eoin O Donnell eligible for? He wasn’t even born in Europe

Oh I know , my sister lives there . I was in the Fiddlers Elbow 2 Saturdays past . Can’t believe how much its changed since I was there last as a teenager . The in-laws used to drink there when I was young but left it to drink in Spells . You know yourself how these things happen :wink: