National Football Leagues 2021

Division 1 South:

Division 1 North:

Division 2 South:

Division 2 North:

Specific fixture details are no doubt soon to be released with games starting May 15/16.

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Pray for Roscommon

Roscommon would fancy their chances against Galway based on last few years Connacht finals and underage record i’d have thought

A near certainty to go down

Down, Meath, Westmeath for us. We should be well able to get promoted but nothing easy there. Away to any of those teams and if your not tuned in you’ll get beaten.

Dublin, Kerry, Galway & Roscommon

I thought each group was supposed to be “based on geography”? Galway v Roscommon apart, there’s a fair bit of travel involved in all other games. Be a late night home for the boys after a mid-week game in Tralee etc

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In the interests of national health I propose Kerry are swapped with Westmeath for the league

Can be positively sold as s chance for them to win something


It’s based on geography and based on league groupings. There’s no changing of divisions to suit geography so it’s divided as close as it can be. Doubt there will actually be many midweek games. Could be a Tyrone v Monaghan or something similar but they won’t ask players to travel across the country.


Hardly call Dublin & Tralee “close” in any sense on the word, but know what you mean :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Look at the other group. All Ulster teams. Obviously a North / South divide with more travel involved in the Southern group.

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They could go neutral if travel is an issue. Should be no problems with grounds and no crowds either.

Croker, so!

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Our “home” game was to be the Kerry game. Supposed to be in Portlaoise now as a punishment for the early morning in Balgriffin.

I thought it was the Galway game. Anyway it means 3 away games. Majority of championship games will probably be in Dublin.

A short trek to Portlaoise…it’s only an hour away

Jaysus that’s a tough group - based on geography huh :joy:

Division 1 North could be renamed Ulster A

First game against Roscommon in Dr. Hyde on the 16th May

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That’s what ye think, location of game will be announced nearer the time, ideally 8 hours in advance, keep ye on yere toes for the odd time the jackeens have to leave base!

We’ll bring down a spellchecker for ye :face_with_hand_over_mouth: