National Football Leagues Finals:

Late in the day but what harm in having a thread about these games. If there is one out there feel free to delete mods:

Todays games are …

Derry v Leitrim
Louth V Westmeath
Donegal V Meath

Tomorrows game:

Kerry V Mayo

Of today’s games I’d like to see Derry win (Always had a soft spot for everything Derry).
I suspect Westmeath will win but will be cheering for the Wee County and as much as it pains me I will support Meath against the biatches from Donegal who want Dublin to play their home games in New Zealand.

As for tomorrows game…I just want to see a massive punch up :laughing:


Louth vs Westmeath is the Div 3 league final. It is a back game from the regulation league that was called off for some reason. Laois are already in the final and will play the winner of this game in it.

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Thanks, just spotted that, it is down as a “Round 6” game.


I just want a penalty shoot out to decide who wins.

(It will happen if need be. There’ll be no replays, according to HQ.)

Can’t you only imagine the outrage if either one of them loses in a penalty shoot out?

One of Willie Joe & Pat Spillane will have to be committed. Quite possibly both.

It could very well break the internet. :smile:


Yes, after the punch up and lots of very long bans my wish would be for penos as you describe it. Happy days.

Wanting or hoping for Meth to win is never going to happen. However this matchup causes a conundrum not easily solved. My distaste for Meth is matched only by my abhorrence for Donegal. It might be too difficult for me to watch this. A big mill would be nice.
Only one thing for it . Bring the cat for a walk and lose it !!
I will cheer for Leitrim though as it’s a grand little county.
The Peoples Champion or the Keepers? I don’t give a shite about that one either really. Meh.


Yes, I’m changing my selections to pray for a few massive mills :laughing:

It is a Round 6 game.

It is.

Really pleased for this guy today, his first time ever to play in Croke Park after a lengthy career.
This is surely what every intercounty player aspires to , it seems forgotten by those who are trying to get games out of Croke Park to satisfy another agenda.


He should punish Donegal for trying to shatter the dreams of millions :wink:

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Leitrim are dominating around the middle but the wides killing them. 8 wide balls.

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It’s an enjoyable affair. Some great points taken but Leitrim’s wide count will hurt them. I can see Derry pushing on and winning though.

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Can’t believe the number of stupid frees Leitrim are giving away as a result of the incorrect hand being put in to the tackle, leaving the other hand on the players back thus causing the free.

2nd half should be good.

Derry pulling away now, any way back for Leitrim?

Hard to see. I think they came out all guns blazing, but were never going to be able to keep that level of effort up.

This whole fixture from the build up & excitement at being in a final, to the standard of football on display, should be exhibit A in why we need a tiered championship.

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Shane McGuigan from Derry kicking some beauts on the left foot.

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Well done Derry. Good league. Fair play to Leitrim for keeping it going until the end.

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Not a syllable of Irish from Chrissy Mc Kague in his speech.

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