National Football Leagues Finals:

You would imagine that he would have made some effort, it is not like they are there every year.

Don’t recall our teacher captain using many focal?! Faux outrage …

Looks like the backdoor for us this year.

Morder running amok early.

1-6 after 12 mins - full back taken off. McGee on … for now.

0-1 in the last 10 though.

Stopped going direct - when they were killing Donegal with it. Good game so far.

Frankly he seemed to spend most of his speech praising Leitrim, he said very little about his own side.

Commentators who don’t know the rules :roll_eyes: - square ball all day. Meath well worth their lead. Great bunch of lads.

Watching on TG4, commentators can’t seem to figure out that the goal was ruled out for a clear square ball.

Both sides seem to be playing in patches, some nice scores being taken.

Both teams playing in fits and starts. Both have been effective with directness. Should be a good second half.

Nice goal there from Brennan.

This type of experience is precious for Meath win or lose

We need to start a campaign to keep Donegal out of Croker!

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Donegal the better team. They did a pretty good job closing out the game limiting Mordor possessions.

They are waiting for the Language Act to miraculously transform them into fluent speakers. Far easier than learning the fkn thing :slight_smile:

He most likely went to a Catholic school that teaches Irish so not beyond him, or anyone for that matter. TG4 used to make a point of getting someone with Irish to do pre and post match interviews for teams, but seem to have given up on that one. You would imagine teams might show some consideration given the brilliant coverage TG4 provide.


Not sure who ‘they’ are, but while Chrissy McKaigue doesn’t seem to have much Irish himself, he is from a place that can’t be accused of waiting around for a language act to kickstart a revival. Carntogher is one of the strongest Irish language areas outside of the Gaeltacht and the language revival there was pioneering and community driven. The generation below him is a different story.


Mayo Mick! Forgot all about him. :joy:

There might be a punch-up today alright, but it will more likely be about which cute hoor wants to do most to prove that winning this league means the least to them, or that losing it means they’ve got the most things to work on of any team in the history of sport.

Ulster won the two Football games, can Munster dominate Croke Park today?

It will be interesting to see how each team lines up and their approach to the game, can’t really see either team sitting back in any sense of the word.

Shane Murphy Dr Crokes goalie left Kerry panel. Told wouldn’t be first choice and wasn’t allowed to play with club.

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