National Hurling League 2019

Provisional dates for the 2019 league matches:

Allianz League 2019 - Provisional Fixtures
26.01.2019 (Saturday)
Round 1
(7.0): Dublin v Carlow

03.02.2019 (Sunday)
Allianz Hurling League Division 1B
Round 2
(2.0): Offalyv Dublin

17.02.2019 (Sunday)
Allianz Hurling League Division 1B
Round 3
(2.0): Galwayv Dublin

24.02.2019 (Sunday)
Allianz Hurling League Division 1B
Round 4
(2.0): Dublin v Waterford

03.03.2019 (Sunday)
Allianz Hurling League Division 1B
Round 5
(2.0): Dublin v Laois

Massive chance to win 1B with that sequence games. Galway away depends on how Galway are doing and if we have two wins going into this one.

Entirely depends on what approach we take to the league. If we experiment as much as last year or whether we go for it. Good mix of should win games v tricky ones. Pat had a poor first league with the footballers (experimented) and then grew more solid from there, so expect he might go the same route this year.

At least in 2019, the expectation will be to challenge strongly for promotion instead of avoiding relegation - a measure of how much progress PG and the panel has made in 2018.


Should have 2 wins going into the Galway game so that will give us a free shot at that game and then finish off with two home wins will set us up nicely


Very good draw for us. Will allow us a more positive start.

Remember the hammering from offaly last spring people, if we go with the same setup, trying load of lads out, it’ll be a tough league again.

Remember it - I nearly cried. No - hang on - I’m thinking of somebody else.


Use the league to build for all Ireland success

1st big shock is a home game with Waterford. Never happens


Expect that to be moved to Croke Park the night before as well. Footballers at home to Mayo the Saturday night.
Hopefully it won’t be though.

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Were many players overlooked in 2018 who would improve the squad in 2019? We can mention the missing Cuala lads and Dermo coming back to play hurling etc but unless there are players who missed out this year through injury then getting out of 1b with the panel that played championship should be a realistic aim. Obviously all of the players who were on the panel have to be up for it again but promotion from 1b and a quarter final in the championship are minimum realistic goals in my opinion.

The next month or so of championship will see if anyone out of the ordinary has upped their game to be worth a shot on the panel. Of the lads who would be coming out of club minor I think it would be worth getting Gannon, Tom Ahern and maybe Billy Ryan involved with the panel without expecting miracles

i genuinely don’t see the need to get out of 1B, not with the new season format. both finalists were 1B this year, champs 1B last year.

Dillion alone would have made a difference if he had of been fit last summer. I’d be looking at bringing the two curries in to get them training with seniors and also Conroy, to be eased in again and hope he can adapt.

Pairc Ui Chaoimh is in awful shape, in terms of the pitch. A fortune spent. Anyone responsible?



Some result for Carlow. Cork beaten by Wexford as well surprisingly.

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Not sure it’s surprising Tayto. Cork looked desperate last week and no better this. Meyler has made some strange calls too with selection but that could be Fitzgibbon related etc or maybe he just doesn’t care about league. But Cork look off imo…

Davy continues to silence the critics. He’s some coach in fairness

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In a league with no relegation and Munster so tight I can forsee a lot of teams keeping their powder dry.

I dont think cork are playing there fitzgibbon players.certainly against Kilkenny the previous week they left a them off.
With no relegation
the league are going to have a few dead rubbers in the last couple of games

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