National Hurling League 2021

Fixtures start May 8th/9th

Division 1A

Division 1B

No final unless the fixture coincides with a championship fixture & 5 rounds to be played.

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We don’t get to play Wexford, Kilkenny and Laois enough. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The championship will be a big change with the provinces being

Cork, Limerick, Tipp, Clare, Waterford and Dublin, Kilkenny, Laois, Wexford, Antrim, Galway

No supporters but looking forward to this like a demon

FODH had a poll for two teams below, with B winning


Sean Brennan

Paddy Smyth Eoghan O’Donnell Cian O’Callaghan

Sean Moran Liam Rushe Shane Barrett

Danny Sutcliffe Rian McBride

Donal Burke Chris Crummy Cian Boland

Oisin O’Rourke Ronan Hayes Eamon Dillon


Alan Nolan

Paddy Smyth Eoghan O’Donnell Shane Barrett

Chris Crummey Sean Moran Daire Gray

Rian McBride Cian Boland

Danny Sutcliffe Liam Rushe Donal Burke

Oisin O’Rourke Ronan Hayes Eamon Dillon.

Agree with B, but as written in FODH newsletter not sure if Rushe and Dillon have 70 minutes. Opportunities for the likes of Paul Crummy, Cian O’Sullivan, Fergal Whitely, David Keogh, AN Other to make claims for starting spots in the forward line…would love to see John Hetherton and Liam Rushe do an Austin Glesson 2020 and come out fitting fit/full of hurling for the team.


No wonder Team B wins, Team A is missing a full forward line.

Fixed that, both A and B FF lines were the same in anyways

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Is Smyth really a shoe in? I like him n all but He seems to struggle with pacey corner forwards. I’d have o’callaghan ahead of him. Unless rushey has really got himself in shape over this lockdown I wouldnt be starting him either. Not sure O’Rourke & Hayes are automatic starters either tbh. Even Dillion should be getting pushed for a place, he seems to respond well to a bit of competition for the jersey.

Over the league I’d like to see Enda O’Donnell & p.crummy given a few games. Cian O’Sullivan as well and I’d really like to see him & Sean Currie coming in for 15-20 mins v tired defenders when a game has broken up a bit, their pace could be interesting in that scenario.

Are Cuala pair murphy & o’floinn in the panel? Murphy seems like the classic corner forward we don’t often produce, might be too soon for him and hf line is a problem line for us & o’floinn could add some ballast, pace & direct running there.

League starts on may 8th. Seems surreal to have matches in the near horizon. Cannot wait.

Interesting this year with a shorter gap between league and championship that we haven’t had before. The similarity between league groups and provincials might mean a bit of shadow boxing going on but a good chance for players to put their hands up.

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I cannot wait either but do wonder if keeping the League and Championship was the right idea given the short timelines and another potential flare-up with COVID

Don’t forget Alex O’Neill for when games open up too

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Had forgotten him, he could be a HF opiton?

Middle third somewhere yeah

Killester .



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I wonder will the lads be this happy to be back training next week


Does the person who recorded that have one leg longer than the other?

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Kilkenny first up for us, May 8th.