NBA 2019/ 2020 Season

Nuggets Rockets game going ahead. Very hard for the players. Don’t think it’s right in the circumstances

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Looks like his 13 year old daughter died too, awful news. God rest them.

That game should not have gone ahead

Spurs and Raptors players both let 24 second shot clocks run down at the start. Players are clearly very shook.

Pug making a show of himself on twitter regarding this, the man is a disgrace

Very tragic and sad news on the death of Kobe and his daughter. Also to the pilot and other parent and child killed.

I am not a basketball fan, and certainly, not a NBA fan. I often wonder, mostly with angry bewilderment, at how much some people get paid within the NBA, the NFL and MLB.
That said Bryant seems to have been a decent guy, getting involved with various charities.

Well colour me shocked

Family played national league, was never my sport, siblings in shock, for me after M Jordan I was aware of a couple of names L James and K Bryant , some names are bigger than their sport they reach people completely outside of their sport , knew of him , this is tragic a young man with a family RIP

Kevin Garnett is intersted in buying the Minnesota Timberwolves. This would be huge if ended up happening. :open_mouth:

Bucks boycotting game 5 of their playoff against Orlando in light of the Jacob Blake shooting

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Sounds like Le Bron at the very least won’t be playing tonight although more likely the entire Lakers themselves

All games pulled tonight

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Fair play

Sounds like Baseball is about to follow suit

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This might be controversial but I think Toppin is the best draft pick in that spot the Knicks have made since Porzingis.

Ain’t no stoppin’…

So a pretty big trade last night between Houston and Washington.

Interesting for Irish hoops fans .

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