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Seeing as there’s an NFL thread thought I’d open this one up . Reigning champs Golden State Warriors have had an indifferent start to the season just like the runner ups Cleveland Cavaliers.The Clippers have had a surprisingly good opening & are unbeaten in the West . A few teams with the same record in the East . My main interest would be the Celtics .They made some big trades in the off season acquiring Kyrie Irving & Gordon Hayward . Unfortunately Hayward had an horrific injury just 6 minutes into the opening game of the season .That has paved the way for number 3 pick Tatum to get some big minutes & he’s having a great season so far .Hard to see past a repeat for the fourth year in a row of a GSW Cavs final . But it’s very early days yet .

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Pain in my hoop with some of these foreign sports threads.

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I was in a bar in Chicago that had a load of tv screens a good few years back. There was basketball, baseball, American Football, ice hockey. Not a single sport to be seen anywhere.

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It’s tucked away in the foreign sports category , I wouldn’t be getting too bothered about it …

Hayward injury terrible. And Tatum looks to be the pick of the draft right now. Long season ahead.

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Another surprising loss for the Cavs to the Knicks last night . Again very early but they are reminding me of Mayo now where they aren’t overly bothered with the regular season .

We’ll , Celtics currently on a 6 game winning streak :sunglasses:. Tied for best record ATM .Cavs have been on the slide now for a few games , getting alot of slack for poor defence .Too many new heads introduced I reckon & has destabilised the team .
Things fairly even in the West with the Clippers on top .Half a game separating top spot all the way to sixth spot .
Fairly competitive at the moment but that may not last long once the top teams get settled.

14 game winning streak now & beat the defending champs GSW :blush:. Have had a few injuries in between with Horford & Kyrie but kept it going .

Well , Celtics hit a blip but are back on the right road again .Tied with GSW for most wins & have second best record in the league . Cs are playing Philadelphia tomorrow in London so hopefully it will be a good game .
Cavs are in a bit of a spin ATM despite having IT back . They should settle down after a month or so once they get used to playing with each other .

Cs Sixers should be worth a watch.

Sixers are really exciting with Simmons and Embiid. Those two could be the foundations of a real dynasty.

Regarding the league as a whole it looks like GSW / Rockets will shoot it out in the West and the Cs, Cavs to shoot it out in the East, maybe with the Bucks giving one of those 2 a scare.

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That’s a pretty good assessment . Would be great if Hayward could make a return for the playoffs , doubtful though .

Yeah , Philly are good to watch . Them & the Celtics will be a battling each other for years once LeBron shuffles off .

Getting close to the business end now .
Houston & GSW in the western conference finals .Hopefully the Celtics join the Cavs in the eastern conference finals tonight .
If Philly win tonight it could go 7 games .

Boston @ Cavs this Sunday kicking off what should be a fascinating series of games

Good win last night . Gave the Cavs a good whooping . Lebron was quiet enough . Wouldn’t be reading too much into it but they must win game 2 to keep home court advantage .

Well , Finals look over at this stage .Tough loss for Cavs in game 1 & blown out in game 2.
Maybe abit of redemption in game 3 for LeBron.

Ref was poor wasn’t he. Hard to believe people compare LeBron and Durant. LBJ is on a different planet IMO. Hard to see Cavs coming back from this though.

Yeah , some weird calls alright .
Agree about the Kd / LeBron debate , or more so there is none .LeBron is other worldly. Unfortunately he has alot of dead wood around him.

True. Some of those players around him it’s rumoured came in on his call. Golden State have so much talent though not even LeBron can beat them on his own. 51 points the first night is some going

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Its technically the 2018-19 season but I guess I can post in here.

No - absolutely not. Rules on this are very clear. See Para 4.1 (b) of House Rules

’Members shall not under any circumstances post any sporting news in the wrong season. For instance if a thread is open for the 2012/13 season it is expressly forbidden to continue posting information or news in that thread when the 2013/14 season has commenced. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate suspension.'