Neutral Venues

I know we’re a bit away from the finals but I just really hope that All the championship finals are played in neutral venues
Can’t see how any club wouldn’t be willing to host one , and as a bonus might be able to put a few quid in the club coffers at the gate

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Interesting that you mention this. I follow Kilkenny GAA on Twitter, looking at their fixtures across all divisions, every round has been at a neutral venue. Their Junior A to D finals are all on in Nowlan Pk.

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I definitely think finals ( at least ) at a neutral ground add more prestige to the occasion for the teams , as well as being fairer obviously

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Is it covered under Rule 23 :question:CCC Regulations 2023

Rule 29 in the above document says it will be attempted. Nearly sure all the Club championship finals are in Parnell. The All County championship may not but should still be neutral.

  1. Where possible adult championship finals shall be played at neutral venues.
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Some top class pitches In Dublin

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Even if All County junior championship finals didn’t make the cut for Parnell, I think any decent neutral fenced pitch would suffice as an appropriate venue and they should consider that this year.

Off the top of my head alone, you’d have Somerton, Russell Park, Abbotstown, Donabate, Parnells, Ballyboden to name but a few.

Also as championships bottom out, there’s no reason why finals couldn’t be played across a whole weekend and have them from Friday evening right through to the senior finals on the Sunday!


Blakestown with the stand

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The Naul is good for a final


I think a very simple and fair solution is that both finalists in any final are required to make their pitch available for another final.

So for example, if it is Parnells vs St Sylvesters are in the Junior 3 AC final, and St Brigids vs St Judes in the Junior 4 AC Final, then the Junior 4 Final should be held in either Parnells/Syls, and the Junior 3 Final can be held in Brigids/Judes

This can be further extended to semi finals of Championships. Whereby the two teams in one semi final, have to make their venue available for the other two semi finalists of that competition


Sound idea, with one proviso …… get the timing right. Otherwise you’ll get the scenario that club members have to be at their own club to do stewarding etc., while their team are playing elsewhere


Top class pitch

Parnells unfortunately from what I saw a few weeks ago in no state to host

It was a great venue for last years Junior 1 final!

Their main pitch is in shocking state. Goalmouths are a hazard and potholes everywhere

I’ve noticed the Seniors seem to be playing in St David’s pitch too rather than Chanel