New County Jerseys

Down released their new strip this morning. Big fan personally.

Armagh are to release theirs soon.

Always been a fan of the Down jerseys I have to say, that’s a lovely one!!


Armagh new Jersey. Grand, nothing too spectacular.

@Rufus_T_Firefly thoughts?

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Ruined by the gaudy sponsor…esp the gk one, that would be delish with something basic like the Dubs AIG (no colour)…

its exactly how I feel about most of the Dublin Vodafone ones.

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I like it, I have to say. A case of less is more, although I would acknowledge what @RunDMC has said about the sponsor. The keeper’s jersey looks the business too, but I will be very interested to see what the other gear is like, e.g. jackets, half zips etc. McKeevers when providing for Clubs use adidas a lot for this, and for me adidas is a winner every time. Will they use adidas at all or exclusively use their own stuff?

Beyond that, it will be interesting to see if McKeevers can make a further dent in the inter county market and start to realise the fears of O’Neills.

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It’s nice, quite plain really. Colour seems a bit darker than the O’Neills one. Keeper one is grand, I’m more of a fan of simple jerseys and keepers ones tend to not be but this one isn’t too bad.

I wouldn’t worry about the sponsor, there are worse on jerseys. AIG is pretty much as good as it gets but you look at Westmeath with a big yellow box and the Renault logo and you realise it could always be worse.

Thoughts on the crest? Got rid of the colour and it’s all orange now. That’s a big move and I’m not sure if I prefer it. I’m sure that would rub some traditionalists up the wrong way.

Adidas gear would be the job but they’ll probably stick to their own brand. Jacket in the video isn’t bad.

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Agree with nearly everything you have said there, particularly around the crest.

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