New Dublin GAA Book

In O’Leary’s book, he wrote that he wanted to punch Whelan in the face in the dressing room after the 96 defeat to Meath!

Dessie wasn’t too hard on him. Especially considering what he had to say about Lyons.

i read that somewhere as well, but wasn’t that at the end of Dessie’s book?

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Jayo’s book was very enlightening about the Whelan era. Whelan was particularly supportive of Jayo during controversial moments that concerned Jason. Jayo put the failure of that team down to the players and their refusal to embrace Mickey’s modern new ways. In effect, Mickey was just too far ahead of everyone else.

Little did we know, but his time would come!


Mickey’s modern new ways were all well and good (and later proven so) but that did not fit in with bringing someone like Big Joe back into the frame.

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You could be right. Bought the book at time but can’t find now.

The point has been made though that Mickey is a great coach and less so as a manager. He managed Vincent’s sure but your own club is different and he knew all those lads well. I was away in Australia in 97 so was nt here for that season. Was is not the “fans “who drove him out of the post eventually!

Jayus we could with Big Joe now at the edge of the square. :joy:

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Think his last game was Monaghan or Cavan in Parnell Park. Probably received a lot abuse at that game.

I wonder if he will mention demanding a chair to sit on whilst he “coached” a county team a number of years back?

In chapter 5 he most certainly will make reference to the way he spoke to the players at the same time and if he recalls a gust of wind close to his face from a ball that would have killed him if it made contact from one or two of the group being ‘coached’ at the time.

I have zero time for him. Arrogance personafied.

i was at that, in the church end. there were probably about 20 lads chanting for him to go, but 20 lads under a roof in a small terrace stand sounds like a lot more. I didnt think it was that bad at the time, its grown legs over the years.

Was an aberration alright. Now you know why we lost.

Lyons wasn’t popular with Curran, Jayo or Dessie. Didn’t someone mention before when Dublin done a lap of honour after beating Donegal in 02 replay Jim Gavin went ballistic at the players. Certain that was in Dessie book.

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I was at that too - but to me it certainly did sound like a lot more than 20 lads. Looked like a lot more too, from the seated stand. But, you were closer, so you’d know better. It was all tense mayhem from up in the stand.

I remember Eamonn Heery went over to Whelan as he was making his way off the pitch and gave the fingers to the chanting Dublin supporters.

Wasn’t that also the match where Paul Curran punched his marker off the ball, knocking out his front teeth? There was a big deal of it made at the time. After the match there was the unsightly spectacle of officials combing a section of the grass looking for the poor guy’s teeth.

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This was another game with Curran. Think that was in Tommy Lyons era. He hit Finbar Cullen against Offaly.


Thanks Stato! I had a feeling it was Offaly but always thought it was Whelan’s last game.

Was Tommy not the Offaly manager for that incident?

It must’ve been Tom Carr who was our manager then.

Just checked Curran incident happened November 97. I think Whelan resigned in Feb/Mar 98.

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Spot on.

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25 fooking years ago ??? Seems like only yesterday .

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