New Dublin Jersey

the new Dublin Jersey has been released - what do you think of it?

Looks like it’s going to be a big seller:

Have to say I wasn’t mad about it at first (especially the white collar) but I think my mind might be changed when I see it up close and personal.

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I actually like the return of the white, but then I’ve bought a couple of retro jerseys over the years featuring the white collar. I think the bit of navy detailing on the lower body of the jersey and the navy shorts do look a little odd however, would have been better with white shorts.

Despite all that I think I might wait for the keeper jersey, which I really like the look of.

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Yep I’d agree with that , seeing it up close might change my opinion , white part on sleeves is a bit off putting , reminds of a soccer jersey :confused:

Not a huge fan. Doesn’t look right with the navy shorts and socks.

Getting a bit long in the tooth for wearing jersies so I will give this one a skip.

I saw it in Arnotts today and it’s not great. It’s a bit perverse that they didn’t add some white to the shorts to make it tie in a bit better with the jersey.

Bought myself and and the kids Jersey today down in the O’Neills factory shop ,mine was 55 bucks .
Bought the keeper Jersey last cpl years but like the look of this one, it’s comparable with any soccer one out there

Not too impressed with it, maybe up close in person it looks better.

Agree it would probably look better with white shorts.

I actually like it and I think the white on the collar adds to it. As was said I think it would look better with white shorts.

I like it though agree they should have some white in the shorts & socks.

I can only see it with online pictures, bought 3 of them so hopefully they arrive in the next few weeks. Funny I got charged 65 for the adult and 45 for each of the kids.
Think I bought more out of some kind of tradition as I rarely wear jerseys anymore as I only really wore them when I was going to matches back home.
The kids live in there jerseys so they’re dead excited, they love the fact that their Canadian buddies don’t know what they’re wearing.

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I like the shade of blue very much but I too have a reservation about a white trim on the jersey when we have navy socks and shorts. Even having AIG in navy on the jersey would help I think. I asked Gok Wan earlier and he was adamant that we should not trivialize the colourisation on the jersey but rather we should talk to the accessories - the knicks and socks - and seek to marry all shades in a combination that would maximise the Blue Wave effect

Asked gock wan … Hahaha

I got charged €52 down there. Was in the Square and saw it for €65 so I said the trip to O’Neills would be worth it

I like the colour - it’s going back to the pre Heffo days. However, I have to agree with others on here, that white shorts would definitely be a better option with this particular jersey.

I like it. As regards the shorts, I’m very much against whites, would make it look more like a rugger kit, and with so little navy in the shirt it’s really needed in the shorts, the navy shorts are an essential bit of the kit since 1974. Maybe a white stripe or something but nothing too dominant.

I’m another one who can only go from seeing it online. I like the return to a more sky blue shade. Don’t like Ath Cliáth being relegated to the arse of the shirt at the back. Hmph! Like others have said, the white trim doesn’t seem to fit with the navy shorts & socks so I’m undecided. Anyone see the minor hurlers giving the shirt its debut?

While Res Dubs was on an, eh, enforced abdication, someone on social media mentioned that Heffo pushed for the navy trim to make us look a bit more intimidating. Might be true, might be a story that grew legs. Whatever, it’s a good 'un!

52 euro in O Neills on Long Mile.

Bought mine in O’Neills for 52 yoyo. It looks great and while I get the point about the navy shorts, most people will be wearing this with jeans etc. So it doesn’t matter much with the fans. The main point of the white is the back to history theme so it is cool bu me.