New Dublin Jersey

Something to do with a boyhood dream?


Saw the price of the player fit Jersey


Seen “new jersey coming” on O Neills website…

Fair enough, we have used the current jersey for three championships. Assume they will launch it shortly so it is available for the Christmas market.

I assume those jerseys are available on ?

Part of the deal negotiated by Paul and Jack before they would come back.

I also heard they’re getting €1k a week more than the other players, that could cause friction


Whats another 100k on the wage bill

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They others will start looking for it as well :unamused:

Endless supply of it. Spend it…

Dessie also up to 6 figures and 3 new full time coaches in…

Nearly got run over by Mannion in his new motor in town this morning. Not sure the Dublin logo goes well with the Ferrari red.

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Were promised a Maserati each but delivery times held up their comeback til this year so had to go Ferrari instead .

Connolly going ballistic as Farrell suggested an e scooter in his comeback talks


I heard they had a Maserati down at training for test drives last week but the lads went off it when Jack sprinted past it when it was at top speed.


Wait till the media hears about this

What do the Wag’s get? The usual bog standard Merc?


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Does that not warrant a " #MeToo " :wink::joy::+1:

The usual giant gas-guzzling SUVs of course, to peer over the steering wheel out of as they stomp their way around town, indestructible, on the way to an urgent hair appointment

Any sign of new jersey?

Rumour has it the new jersey will be launched on the 17th of November.