New Dublin Jersey

The three stripes are on this shirt

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Bart Jnr hates it, looks like a training top. I like it

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There is or at least there was something about the stripes on international sales, I remember years ago buying one online and they warned it me would be different due to rights

Not too pushed about the new jersey design being discussed above.
It seems familiar but I can’t for the life of me remember who or what team wears such a jersey.


Yeah I know that about international but oneills design these last few years have see them strips move from the traditional shoulder position

It looks smashing coz yer man isn’t 15 stone!

(Although it does look very snazzy on him)

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15 stone? they where the good oul days!


Think this jersey would be lovely with a round neck. Not sure why the dubs always have a collar. To my mind every other county have had round necked jersey’s over the last few years


It’s so the DMP can grab you and slap you around for being a scutty

So we can turn it up, cause like our hero we’re cool ……. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Saw it in person yesterday, it looked decent, an improvement over the last jersey anyway (which admittedly I never liked). It will be interesting to see what the keepers jersey looks like, I imagine just a reversal of the colours, but that might look better.

Alive alive Oh !

Laois’s new sponsor wants the county to be come a “shire” again… Laoishire?

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Queen’s county …


As I christened them here a few years ago " The Lemon County " a bitter shower of shi ites

And a brilliant piece of christening it was, Sur