New Players 2020

Who will retire is the big question. Cluxton will be 38 next year. He’s still at the top of his game.
I hope he stays.
Comerford is definitely a solid backup. He will be 22. David O’Hanlon will be 21. He’s promising.

Ages in 2020


Mick Fitzsimons (32) David Byrne (26) Eoin Murchan (24) Cian O’Sullivan (32) Johnny Cooper(30)
Philly McMahon (33) Rory O’Carroll (30) Jack McCaffrey (26) Johnny Small (27) Robert McDaid (27) Eric Loundes (26) Darren Daly (33) Andrew McGowan (24).

Out of that group Philly McMahon and Cian O’Sullivan could go.
Nathan Doran (22) and Kieran Kennedy (21) are promising.


Brian Fenton (27) James McCarthy (30) Michael Darragh MacAuley (34) Brian Howard (23)
Darren Gavin (24). Peadar O’Cofaigh Byrne (21) is promising.
MacAuley will probably go.


Niall Scully (26) Ciaran Kilkenny (27) Diarmuid Connolly (33) Cormac Costello (26) Paul Mannion (27) Con O’Callaghan (24) Dean Rock (30) Brenard Brogan (36) Eoghan O’Gara (34) Kevin McMcManamon (33) Paddy Andrews (32) Conor McHugh (26) Sean Bugler (22) Paddy Small (23)
Colm Basguel (24)
Brogan and O’Gara will probably go.

Ciaran Archer (21) and James Doran (21) and Cormac Howley (22) are promising.

New players will be tried in the League and 6 in a row is there for the taking. Can’t wait.


Jesus the lads haven’t even had a chance to get a hangover yet


Going to be an interesting conversation but i’m going to come back to it next week, or the week after!

Jim, is that you?


It’s weird, I never thought Mick Fitz was over 30, but yeah, he’s been around a long time, must be the quiet demeanor and youthful appearance

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I’ll talk next month on this!


I think I will wait until 2020. My vision will be clearer.

Archer is only 19.
Peader O Cofaigh 20

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Comerford will get a full league regardless of Cluxton.
Gavin will definitely try new backs .
Doran is one . Kennedy maybe Neil Matthews . Sean McMahon Cillian O’Shea Cian O’Connor will all get a look probably.
Byrne and Gavin in midfield.
Glen O’Reilly James Doran Archer Howley possibly Keating from Ballymun.


Lads who aren’t currently panelists- Archer, O Dea, maybe Doran. Obviously Basquel.

Lots of lads on panel like Gavin and Bugler are brilliant footballers. Andy Macagowan too.

Our bench will be stronger next year than this year.

Starting outfield team on Sunday and rough age profiles

Cluxton (37)
Byrne ( 25)
Cooper ( 29)
Mick Fitz (30)
Murchan ( 23)
Small ( 26)
Jack ( 26)
Fenton ( 26)
James Mc (29)
Kilkenny (26)
Scully (26)
Howard ( 23)
Con ( 23)
Mannion (26)
Dean ( 29)

Most of the Subs are over 30 and we will see retirements from them-- but outside Cluxton, that’s a decent age profile for the starting 15 anyway


Yea, i think we’re in a good place, hopefully not too many of the stalwarts will walk, so we can phase in the next generation incrementally. lot of lads a good age now to be making the jump or be given a chance and only really archers is young at 19 but he looks physically quite mature so could do a job. I was impressed with the little i saw of Byrne before, worth a look again i’d have thought?

Howard was a minor in 2015 so turns (or turned) 22 this year.


Scully was a minor in 2012. So turns or has turned 25 this year.

I’ll stop now.

But we’re getting younger.

I think SeeSaw that our subs bench next year will be very young tbh.

And very good.

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What about defenders, there’s a couple of Crokes wingbacks looked very promising?

Cian O Connor and Andy MacGowan very good at club level. Step up is huge but both will be given a chance. Part of the 36 man panel this year.

Liam Flatman, injury permitting, has a big chance as a corner back, very young though under 20 this year. Think it’s a position where you get better as you get older (certain corner back from Cuala as an example).


A conversation to be had , certainly one which most fans will have at least mulled over , but one Id be more prepared to enter into once dust has settled and I’ve at least washed the porter out of the gensai

The possibilities are Cluxton, Philly, Cian O, MacAuley, Brogan and O’Gara

Hopefully Cluxton will stay another year. Comerford is a good keeper so if he goes we have a replacement.

We will give young backs games in the league to replace Cian and philly on the panel. McGowan, Doran, Kennedy, players like that. We have Byrne and Gavin to come into to replace midfielders. We have Bugler Archer and others to come into the Forwards so I think if they retire we will actually get younger on the bench which we needed to do anyway. Players like Murchan and Bugler and Costello will start probably every league game. Rory O’Carroll will probably get another chance so I think our panel could be stronger next year.

Anyone going near making the team has to be exceptional though. I am not sure who has that potential.

I would agree all the names listed as possibles and maybe add Aaron Byrne too. Although his face doesn’t seem to fit. Likewise to me Sean McMahon is the strongest possibility in defense, but it seems Flatman, O Sullivan, McGowan are ahead of him.

Bugler will get a big chance in the forwards I’d say, Maybe a bit too soon for Doran. Archer is a hard call, he is a bit unorthodox in style and it is impossible to predict how that type of player will work out as they progress.

O Cofaigh Byrne will definitely get a go at midfield and I assume Gavin also. I would like to see Shane Carthy (Mearnòg) get a chance again, he is head and shoulders above everyone else when he last played O Byrne Cup, but that’s probably unlikely. Then there is Foley from Clontarf who was a quality u21, although not the type of midfielder Gavin seems to like.

So I would think Flatman, Gavin, O Cofaigh Byrne and Bugler will get league time at least. The rest might be just O Byrne Cup and have to prove their case there. Archer is the great unknown, he could come strong or not feature at all next year.