New Players 2020

Hopefully Connolly will stick around and get a pre season and league under him. Looked off the pace when he came on but hopefully he’ll be able to rediscover some of his previous form

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Also a real possibility that Jim might not stay… will certainly change the parameters of what faces we might see in 2020

He committed to three more years at the start of this year and even mentioned after the match that he had already committed to next year. Jim is going nowhere any time soon lads.


Yeah Aaron Byrne and Sean MacMahon would be obvious for me. Involved this year in winter but didn’t make summer cut, even the extended panel.

Wouldn’t give up on them though.


But said he would reflect on that… that is why everyone suspects maybe he wont.

He was being diplomatic, he said he had to do an end of season review with the county board too, as if in that review anything other than “you’re a legend” would be said to him by the county board. If he wasn’t staying he wouldn’t have mentioned the fact he was committed to next year already. I can honestly see Jim hanging around for another 10 years.

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Yep, same for me. I would have had them ahead of the guys he did bring through. Byrne is a very particular type of player, and maybe he thinks that wouldn’t work (and who am I to question him!). But I would have thought McMahon was the typical Gavin defender.

Will be a lot more space on the bench assuming lads in their mid 30s call it a day.

Hopefully :crossed_fingers:

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County board mightn’t be too happy with JG - having to postpone the championships for 2 weeks. Maybe Jim is acknowledging that it is a two-way thing.

Surprised nobody mentioned Kev Mc, Daly & Andrews as possible retirements. Wouldn’t be surprised if they did call it a day.

Not surprised at all. which means the bench is getting younger and less experienced by the minute. Leaving us vulnerable to injuries, andrews might give it another go?

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The main reasons lads step away are a lack of game time/enjoyment, family life and work commitments.

If the older lads are happy with the part they are playing in the success of this team and their better halves are happy then they will probably decide to stay on. Gavin clearly still believes they are massively important, sure 5 of the subs that came on were involved in the 2011 win.

If you are not really close to these fellas it’s impossible to know what’s going through their head when it comes to making the decision to pack it in.

I hope everybody that got onto the pitch last Saturday sticks around for another year because they are still key players and members of the panel.


Be very difficult to walk away I would imagine. Being in that bubble must be like a drug

True enough but there are lot of intelligent lads on the panel that know life must go on outside of football.

5-in-a-row done, over 30, busy job, wife, possibly kids on way, expectation of bench role in 2020 = retirement

Teachers, on the other hand, can go on till they’re kicked off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The truth is you never know who’ll be there next year. Dr. Jack and ROC both took a year out, maybe another of our young lads will do the same. Fitzy will be 32 next year and has just qualified as a Dr., maybe he’s thinking about getting his career going. Cluxton might be thinking, ‘I’m in great form so why stop now?’
I know it’s fun to speculate but que sera, sera.


Yeah, the travelling one is one I’d say could be on the cards. If you’re one of the young lads, this year could be the ideal year to do your travelling. Does depend on their career path.

Also, if any of the dual players were potentially going to give hurling a go for a couple of years, now might be seen as an opportune time.

The 5 in a row is a massive thing. Even for those who’ve only done 2 to 4 in a row, they’re still part of the 5-in-a-row and the celebrations show it was kinda the end of a journey, similar to 2011 in a way.

But of course, it’s very possible the large majority may well want to stay on and kick on.

wife, possibly kids on way, expectation of bench role in 2020 = keep her lit!!! :grin:


Historically I would have said you are spot on here but this mindset seems to be different now.

Anyway, this thread is more for new players rather than retirements.

I see OCB playing a massive part in future success but 2020 may be a year too early for him. Hopefully he gets a good run at it in the league.
McGowan and Sean McMahon are two good defenders I would like to see more of. I like Cian O’Connor but he hasn’t impressed me in his few appearances for Dublin, maybe the jump from club to county is just too much at this stage of his career.
In the forwards I can only see Archer and Doran getting into the panel next year, the age profile of the forwards is still young so chances will be hard to come by for a few years yet. Basquel may make himself available next year as well.