New Team sheet rules

Anyone know is there a format or template for new team sheet rules ie names in irish, english and gaa registration number.Maith agat

Club Registar should be able to provide as there’s a template on the GAA registration system where you add the player & it generates the name in Irish & English along with the GAA reg numbers

Sound thanks

Registration numbers only required at juvenile level. Not required at adult level.

Even better.:+1:

That’s crazy, is it to stop the U.10’s loading teams!!!. This introduction should be across all age’s and would put a stop to Clubs loading teams at the business end of the league.

It is CCC2 only, not all juvenile. So from U13-U16.

It’s more a case of making sure players are registered (and paid) members of a club and covered by insurance than loading teams.

@niceday2 Agreed,so, why not role it out to all teams?

Would imagine its only a matter of time.

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