New Year Resolutions

That time of year again lads and ladies.

Anyone making any big changes for the coming year in their lives? Or is it all a load of BS and nobody ever sticks to their promises.

Either way no better time to try to implement some positive changes one way or another. Personally I’m taking up cycling and going back to martial arts after a long break, 2 things I hope to stick to throughout the year but time will tell. The Mrs is going vegetarian, that should be fun!

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I make one resolution every year. That is to not make a New Year’s resolution. I keep to it.


Punch more annoying people in the face.


Made some resolutions back in October. I’d give myself a D+ for sticking to them. (Not great, but better than an NG I suppose.) Resolution for the New Year is to get up to a solid C by the Spring. Maybe a solid B by the summer.

Personally, I don’t think the New Year is a good time to start new things. So many people start new plans of action & drop them shortly after, so it’s hard to keep going when you’re surrounded by quitters. Is for me anyway.

Enjoy life to the fullest.


I’d say the failure rate is upwards of 90% I’ve never stuck to one anyway but sure if you last 3 months even dropping a few pound or off the smokes whatever it is its better than nothing in that regard.

I think alot of them are too unreleastic most times from my own experience and are a knee jerk reaction from the crimbo blow out.

Started doing Slimming World back in mid-October and hit my personal goal of losing 2 stone before Xmas. Going to enjoy myself over the Xmas break and get back on the horse in the New Year. Still have at least a stone (but more realistically 1.5 stone) to go before I’m really happy.

The other resolution is to finally get going on the bike that I bought in May 2018, need to get my finger out on that one.


Did you get the bike on the Bike2work scheme? I ordered one through it and will be collecting it in a few weeks. I know its around a good while now but I think its a great scheme, if only the roads were more suitable for commuting on the bike. I live close to the phoenix park so plan on getting a few kilometers in there rather than using it to commute anywhere.

I got it through the B2W scheme alright & had all the greatest intentions of getting out on it much more but had a list of excuses the length of your arm. That attitude has to change…

Reads exactly like my New Years resolutions.
Gotta lose a bit of timber to fit into the L player fit Dubs jersey I mistakenly bought back in June.

Did the Weightwatchers points program a few years back and it worked a treat, lost about 8KG.
Looking at losing the same again now.

Gave up the smokes over 3 years ago, started vaping but the weight has gradually started going up in the last 2 years or so.
Got a road bike too and have a nice 10K route near me safe for cycling but need to get motivated to get out on the road.

I’m going to put more of an effort into being happy so the main resolution is more hookers and coke in 2020. I intend to stick to it, this time!
Winners never quit!

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When did you move to Kerry :wink:

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Will Pritti take out a retraining order on you?

She has me restrained alright…

Wouldn’t be hard now in fairness she has the weight advantage.


That’s the thing. If you need to make a change in your life or lifestyle, do it because it’s the right thing to do. The timing doesn’t really matter. Your odds of long term success aren’t great if you are doing it at the end of the year, when you are tired and emotional, or stressed out, or over wrought from the inherent pressure that Christmas naturally brings.

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To go back picking a ball 3 or 4 times a week… I get amazing satisfaction out of it… I want to emulate Joey Towell.

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Do the usual, off the beer for January, shift a few lbs and be flying fit for the start of the new season. Well that’s the aim anyway!

I suggest “Park Run”. Started doing it myself and finding it very enjoyable. Run, Walk, Jog it’s up to you. Can get the 5K timed and try and beat it.