Next Dublin Manager - Fáilte Dessie Farrell

Best to keep this separate from Jim’s thread

Dessie backed into 4/6 fav now with Boyles and Paddy Powers. Darcy now out to 8/1. Paul Clarke 2/1

Dessie the obvious choice if he wants it…

Not sure about Paul Clarke and definitely not Jayo…

If Darcy made a play for it, you would expect him to be right in the mix

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My brain has switched off … is Dessie the current U20 manager?

Might they not go for a collective transition team, made up of Jayo, Clarke, Deegan, Darcy, Farrell -some combination of?

Here’s my dark horse - Mick Bohan!

Don’t think so. Only managed Na Fianna this year afaik

No, stop it’s too soon

No chance it’s Bohan I think he’s too different from Gavin and tied up with ladies

Tom Gray is u 20 manager. Dessie won last u21 in 2017 and grade changed the following year from u21 to u 20 when Gray took over.

You are probably right. Just saw that he is in the betting @ 14/1

(PP fear me …. not :smile: )

I’d say he would be good, Not sure he is that different, The wimmin seem to follow a similar template of attention to detail and meticulous preparation. He has good team around him too.

Not sure about too different. Very focused on the skills aspect of the game.
I would have him as my first choice.

Reckon Dessie is the obvious choice as he is very familiar with most of the team.

Would imagine Gavin has had a few conversations with Costello about this so the county board probably already have a man lined up.

Far cockier than Gavin

I mean personality wise

I agree.

House private. No flowers.


Maybe so. I like the way he carries himself with the media and seems to be a good disciplinarian. Different isn’t always a bad thing, Gavin and Gilroy are different characters.

There are not many like Gavin, a like for like is not possible. Whoever comes in needs to be his own man and will command the respect of the players.

I don’t think Bohan will get it but I would like to see him get a run at it.

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Tied up with ladies. Hmmmmmmm. :thinking:

Between Gilroy and Farrell according to the Times

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Hard to see Pat getting it again given he stepped away from the hurlers due to job commitments. Unless things have changed of course.

Going to be a relatively quick appointment regardless with Christmas and then the league starting last week in Jan

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I’m not sure I’d want Gilroy to be honest. He has his own legacy that I’d like to see protected, plus the style he played was necessary at the time, but its not a style I ever want us to go back to.


Dessie definitely the front runner. But there may be others putting themselves forward in addition to those quoted by PP. Paul Curran might fancy his chances. And maybe others that no one is thinking about. Can’t see Gilroy putting his hat in the ring haven’t withdrawn from hurling job owing to work commitments.

Did Dessie not rule himself out a couple of years ago?