Next Dublin Manager - Fáilte Dessie Farrell

That this is a two-horse race.

If Rochey’s source ir right, it’s a one horse race, the problem is we don’t know the horse.

he was truly outstanding that day . That and MDMA at midfield in the second half. Putting MIck at 11 probably wasn’t our best option that day in the first half if I recall rightly

It may sound a bit stupid, but there was an incident in the Giller era that was a mssterstroke, but I dont actually remember it. It was something to do with a team named and Barry Cahill was part of it, maybe someone can refresh my memory

You do. If McCauley played midfield for the 70 we’d have won that game. That was my feeling at the time anyway.


MDMA was awesome in the second half, but Mayo missed a few clear goal chances, had they taken their chances and we taken ours I think they would have won.

Possibly true. But goal chances are missed. Especially in the pressure cooker. Macaulay was played out of position and I firmly believe we’d have won had he not been. Thankfully its consigned to history. And I dont want heart burn before bed.

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I thought the time for references to horses around here was over seeing as EOG has retired :grin:

Don’t think I recall the exact one but I do recall Giller very much started a policy of surprise late inclusions and/or changes, sometimes not in the team named, sometimes positional, not including the ones where injury forced their hand.
As someone else said possibly a significant MW contribution to that, maybe some here would have the inside track for info like that at this stage, nearly ten years on, like the publishing of State Secrets!

leave the swans alone, its not their fault.

Agreed. My memory of the match, which I never watched back for obvious reasons, was that Macauley was incredible in that second half.

a lot of players at the time felt so as well including a candidate or two for the job now!

Can’t recall why MDMA went to 11 but it looks a bizarre option in the cold light of day

Me either, but I think there was a bit of logic to it, even though it didn’t work out

Controversial opinion: Was it to facilitate Fennell play midfield, whose whole Vincent’s saga had come to an end and was back playing club, to justify his transfer? He wasn’t exactly brilliant which fueled Jim’s swift decision on him in 2013.

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Am I right in saying Alan Brogan was injured or at least a big doubt for the game? Seem to remember a cameo from him.
There wasn’t the strength in depth we have now in the forwards, the best other option at the time I think was Kev Mac.
Probably a toss up between starting Kev Mac or another midfielder. Gilroy was definitely more defensive than Gavin and probably just went with what he thought was the safe option while keeping the impact sub on the bench.

I think it was because MDMA was bursting out of midfield so often and breaking defences that if he was tried closer in it would create a bit more havoc and goal chances but it just didn’t work as a lot of the time he had someone on him as soon as he went for the ball and couldn’t get a head of steam up or pass it off.

Think he had a groin injury. Only lasted 5-10 minutes when came off the bench.

Yeah think as above, was primarily because Alan was injured. Thankfully were in a position nowadays where we wouldn’t have to replace a forward with a midfielder.

I have only ever heard positive things about him and the way he prepares his teams. He is successful for most part in improving teams from where they were when he came in. Plays football in a positive manner also.

Not saying he is right man for job and would like ti see him stay with ladies and continue that great work but I also wouldn’t object to him getting it either