Next Dublin Manager - Fáilte Dessie Farrell

dublin play more defensive football now then they ever did under Gilroy …


Well he clearly hasn’t left football given his role with Fianna, and there are good grounds it seems why he is seen as the main contender.

Would have no view really. He was good underage manager and has brought Na Fianna on, Obviously knows his stuff,

ah jaysus not Curran … please

The reality is if Gilroy isn’t in the mix then there isn’t a proven candidate available which means the DCB will have to take a punt on someone

I could reply to this, but you clearly don’t understand football at all, Bart I mean The Lone Ranger, sorry London Jack, so there’s no point.

unfortunately with that statement about the 2011 team I can’t help you anymore I’m afraid. Enjoy your evening.

Vinny Murphy or Jim Mc Guinness in the betting?

He said in a podcast with Whelo in summer 2018 that he’d no real ambition to manage at inter-county level. Won’t stop the bookies floating everyone bar me granny as a candidate though :roll_eyes:

Why is your granny not going for it? Too good for the job? For shame!!!

I really don’t want Dessie, and don’t think he will as he was stepping away from NaFianna seniors this year after only 1 year. Think he’s done with management.

Mick Bohan would be my choice, very highly rated in Dublin coaching scene and similar I’ll to Jim.

Surreal that we’re even discussing this!


Tommy lyons available???

That should be a bannable offence! @Tayto get on it!


Yeh its Vinny with a backroom of Jim McGuinness and Tommy Lyons. Bit of everything

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@Trueblueforever is only arseboxing.

Would be a pity for the ladies at the same time. Clarke is surely in the mix given his involvement in relation to the O’Byrne cup over the last few years


I wonder would Jayo be a feasible option with Mick Bohan

Darcy would be great but he’s a busy man and I think him and Gavin were partners in crime. They needed each other

Preference would certainly be Bohan.
Have always been impressed when crossed his paths and when have seen him speaking on current role.
People might suggest you can’t move from ladies but I seen it akin to Stephen Kenny when people said he’s great coach but LOI coach…he’s great soccer coach and streets ahead of McCarthy.

Don’t want it to be a “name”, go for the right coach.

PS has Dessie Farrell left na fianna sf job already? (Mentioned above)

Amazed nobody has suggested my favourite. I’d go with Cluxton . Bohan would be my 2nd favourite followed by Paul Clark , not sure about Dessie.

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I think Bohans at 14/1 is worth a few pound. No one really jumps out, maybe it’s because of what they have to follow

Bohan has been doing interviews recently that centre around the 20x20 campaign and promoting the ladies game. I don’t think he’d just jump ship like that. I think he’d be very good but can’t see it