NFL 2017 Round 1: Cavan v Dublin, Breffni Park, Sunday Feb 5th, 2pm - Live TG4

So then, the Campaign For One For The Thumb commences.

Who’ll be back, who’ll still be on an extended break & who’ll make the break through from The Kildare Perpetual Misery Cup?

Can’t see a thread for this, so have at it ladies.

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Blood a keeper, a solid run of games for Fentons partner and an inside forward, get Jack involved, and give a couple of the O’Byrne Cup players a chance.

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Cian won’t be back for a while so jack should get back in if he’s going well - - I wonder should they try jack at 12 from time to time to see how he goes there also

A bit of talk that this game is expected to sell out. Not sure what capacity of Brefni Pk is but could that be right? Think it’s about 25k.

Away games in Castlebar and Kilarney only draw about 10,000 odd. And they are seriously juicy rematches between All Ireland contenders. Can’t really see a game against Cavan drawing double that amount, even if it is only an hour up the road from the Big Schmoke.

quite likely we will lose this one

That’d be a start, con & Cormac to get extended runs?

If he is not, I could see Reddin getting the start. It has been very interesting in the OBC how Reddin has been taking up O Sullivan type positions in defence.

It’s only the league. And a matchmaking festival apparently…for Fento.

Here we go, 5-in-a-row!

Well Con won’t be available until after Cuala’s hurling campaign.

I think jack is way more dangerous at 5 or 7 than he would be at 10 or 12. I’d be more in favour of moving Jamesy to midfield if you were going to move anyone

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Not convinced about that. McCarthy is, in my view anyhow, the best wing back in the country. Moving him weakens the line and should be a last resort. He has been one of the few constants there for years and I dont thinks thats accidental. I think its much easier to go with Flynn in the short term.

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I don’t disagree with that move either. Positions around half forward midfield are interchangeable so no big deal.

I just don’t think Jack’s line breaking running will be as dangerous from wing forward as it is from half back. But that’s what the league is about trying things.

Looking forward to this, should be a decent crowd, normally head to away games with friends but friends can’t make it so if anyone is looking for a lift let me know, not looking for petrol money as going anyway, maybe just an amercano

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Great form from squash. Always wondered how it was socially acceptable to request petrol money off someone for providing them with company on a journey they were already going to have to make on their own :slight_smile:


Totally agree with that. McCarthy is one of the best, if not the best, half backs in the country. To move him to a position that he doesn’t even dominate at club level would be counter productive.
Much better to try Flynn there with Jack Mc as an option at wing forward for championship if none of the younger lads can nail down one of those 2 roles during the league. Hopefully someone will push on strongly for a half forward / midfield role over the next few months as this is perhaps our weakest area with regards to strength in depth at the moment.

With Connolly Brogan and Con o Callaghan out for the first few games at least, the likes of Mannion and Costello should get a good few games to nail down a place in the league. O Gara might get some
games also.

You’d like to think Dean Rock, Andrews and maybe Kevin Mc will be fit and healthy enough to be pivotal players in the forward line for the league, alongside Kilkenny of course.

Is Paul Hudson just operating below the level required for a Dublin footballer at this time? I can’t help but be really impressed every time I see him! Compared to someone like Phily Ryan even who got more of a crack at it, Hudson is head and shoulders above him

Quick question on tickets . It states that u16 are free of charge. Do they still need a ticket in and get money back or can they just go to turnstiles on the day?

Pretty sure it would be u16s go through turnstiles on the day…

Is this match all ticket ?