NFL 2017 Round 2: Dublin V Tyrone, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 11th, 7pm - Live eir Sport

Great thing about all this is Bernard , Andrews & Flynn are given a break . Well Berno on honeymoon but you get the drift . Hopefully we won’t see Diarmuid til after Paddy’s weekend . His rest period is gonna be an issue though . In an ideal world it would be great to leave them all off til the championship but probably won’t be the case . I’d say Bernard will be itching to get back after him moving to the bench for the AI final .

Rest is hard enough to define. Diarmiid will only actually (best case) play two matches in three months. If the training is managed right, there should be a lot of rest in that.

Good point , wonder what the training schedule is for Vincent’s ?

I personally think Jim will put out what is the strongest team available to him for this one. This could well be the toughest game we get in the League apart from the trip to Yerra land. Looking forward to it, Tyrone could get some joy down the middle on quick counters if Cavan is anything to go by so lets hope Jim has a plan for this.

Yeah we need 6 and one of 8 or 9 in that channel all the time

Mattie Donnelly ruled out with concussion.

He’s a big loss…Tyrone’s best player this past few seasons. His runs remind me of MDMA

Declan McClure has been pushed up to HF.

For those into their stats…his father and uncle played in the 86 AI final. Some occasion for his family on Sat night.

I’ve the tickets booked. I really think Tyrone will put it up to Dublin. Now’s the time to catch them when they’re cold…


Tyrone team:

N Morgan, P Hampsey, R McNamee, C McCarron, T McCann, P Harte, J Munroe, C Cavanagh, P McNulty, C Meyler, N Sludden, D McClure, D McCurry, C McShane, R O’Neill

Indeed …

I actually think this could be our toughest game in the league. Our three weeks training against their three months. They are probably the hardest team in Ireland to play against for many reasons, good and bad. I’m worried about the timing of the game from our point of view. We will do well to get out of the game with even a point.

[quote=“Boarddelegate1, post:29, topic:1633”]
I’m worried about the timing of the game from our point of view.[/quote]

Me too. 7.30 would suit better …

Philly Jordan…

"Oddly, I think losing this game, or any game soon, wouldn’t be a bad thing for Dublin. The longer they remain unbeaten, the more it’s going to become an issue and the harder it is going to be for them to avoid thinking about it.”

I’m not sure how the whole unbeaten thing gets to players…or whether it’s just the media that keeps counting waiting for it to eventually break.

Maybe letting air out of the balloon at this stage isn’t such a bad thing.

sure UCD beat us …

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Very defensive Tyrone team. I predict score will be 6-5

Something’s seriously wrong with MH if he sends out Tyrone to shut-up shop against a Dublin side who aren’t as match fit, and missing key players.

I’d rather see Tyrone lose 17-16 than win 6-5. It’s the league after all.

As for being a defensive side…do you know any more attacking players?

Bottom line is that Tyrone’s front 6 would struggle to make the Dublin bench.

technically yes…I mean the real Dublin team and manager.

2/3 or the full one?

Good point!

As I said in a previous post…no-one here will get carried away whatever the result.

Tyrone are 4th favourites with the bookies - Dublin are 1st. It’ll be the same on Sunday morning.

But having paid to go down there, I’d like to see MH try and have a go.

Aye Daller I’d like to be entertained but …

Do you remember the good old days when ye would come down of a Spring evening, hammer us and then have a big fireworks display to celebrate?!?!?

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Don’t buy that. Don’t mind loosing as long as its not to Kerry, Mayo or Tyrone and in any order.

Jesus Dub09…you’re on the cynical tablets tonight.

I was down for that night…

Big shirts at the start…won by a late point, then hung around for the fireworks.

On the big screen they ran a loop of mulligan scoring that goal, again and again. Was a bit strange considering the dub supporters had hung around too.

Still…MH would’ve given you the fireworks that night for the the success you’re having now.