NFL 2017 Round 3: Donegal v Dublin, Ballybofey, Sunday February 26, 2pm - Live TG4

Where is this on…Ballybofey?

Indeedy, they’re making Monaghan travel to Ballyshannon

Cheers. Just edited the thread title. Dunno if its gonna be on the tellybox or not. Methinks TG4 only announce their live and defered games the week of the game.

Will this rule him out of the rest of the League?


Ecstacy in Kildare?

Jayzus, there’s a first.

Did no one tell them they didn’t win the O’Byrne Cup this year? :grin:


It’s being advertised on GAAGo so it must be TG4’s live game.

Any Buses being organised.

Donegal playing in Ballyshannon is like Dublin footballers playing in O’Toole Park when Parnell Park is available.


Similar to wexford bringing us to Castlebridge for the Walsh cup game, they know well what they are at.
I’m not sure it will matter where they bring us.

Grand so. Edited the title there.

Has to be released. Sure Xanax was playing centre half for Real tonight…

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whats the weather like for the weekend up there @Rochey ??

Donegal missing McBrearty this Sunday, will be difficult to see where a lot of their scores will come from if they decide to use Michael Murphy out the field as well.

What’s story with paddy Andrews ??

On it’s live at 2pm on TG4

Hard to see Donegal getting a win…their form is poor and missing a lot of men.

Dublin have their players back from UCD/St Vincent’s and the draw with Tyrone will have brought them on.

What impressed me most about the dubs last Saturday was their refusal to panic.

It’s unsettling seeing that patient build up, and knowing Dean Rock will punish any free.

I remember when southern teams would struggle up here. But dublin have a good winning record in Tyrone and Donegal, and won’t have any fear.

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Not sure if Vins lads will be back, but I get the feeling that Connolly doesn’t like sitting around. So it would not surprise me to see him.

What’s the sterling rate now Daller? Worth doing a bit of shopping in downtown Ballybuffet??

Well cat for us. Think it’s 1 Euro = 85p…or 1.16 going the other way.

Like a true skin flint i filled the car in Dublin as the diesel is cheaper.

You’re only a stones throw from Strabane if your other half is bored and fancies seeing the Las Vegas of tyrone??

Or if you’d fancy tagging on to a stag or hen night…Letterkenny is the place.

Just make sure to dress appropriately and remove those blue jerseys

Y’know like…as they say up there.