NFL 2017 Round 4: Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, Saturday March 4th, 7pm

Mayo will play their best available team for this.

Gavin has kept some of his front runners such as Kevin mc and Flynn in reserve so far in order to try out some of the fringe players.

No Cooper, Mannion, James mcCarthy, Andrews, Costello on the travelling squad to Donegal – presumably all injured along side lads like Cian, Berno, Connolly who presumably won’t be back for a few more weeks.

Any word on Jack? Thought he was very good yesterday.

Fairly obvious hamstring injury. 4 to 6 weeks absent I’d wager!

Thats what it looked like alright, was hoping it might be a tweak rather than a twonk

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What about Jamesie – Is he out for long ?

Technical phrases, yeah? What’s the difference?

one is banjoed the other is fooked.


Back to layman’s terms, grand so! :sunglasses:

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Berno played for OPER on Sunday against Lucan in the cup

OPER A? Was he on song?

Tenor says he was.

SOPER ah no!

Soooooooo hard NOT to get involved in pun fests…

So… on that note…

I note Berno was on the Spring Series promotional imagery … false advertising??? :open_mouth:

Quite possibly (should we miss out on the league final) , after sunday, we may only have one more game in Croke Park before the end of June – Roscommon at home :unamused:

Mayo team from the Rossies game below - strong enough and with 6 points coming from the bench. Doubt we’ll keep the ball kicked out to them.

MAYO: D Clarke; D Newcombe, D Vaughan (0-1), K Higgins; S Coen, C Boyle, P Durcan; J Gibbons (0-1), D O’Connor (0-1); F Boland (0-2), C O’Connor (1-4, 1-0 pen, one free), C O’Shea (0-1); A Moran (0-1), K McLoughlin (0-1), E Regan (0-1, one free).
Subs: L Keegan (0-2) for C Boyle (BC), B Harrison (0-2) for D Vaughan, M Plunkett for C O’Shea, S Nally for F Boland, C Loftus (0-2) for A Moran

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This Sunday he’ll be manning the grill in the big let’s raise money for Galvin fry-up?

Think the unbeaten record could very well go this weekend. We’re not really playing at level required plus likelihood that Jack Mc will be out along with James Mc. Few of our established players not hitting the mark either with only Scully of fringe players showing he can make a difference at this level

The unbeaten record ain’t hugely important but losing it to this shower won’t be pleasant. Better than losing it to Kerry in Kerry I guess :slightly_frowning_face:

Btw this thread is appearing in Unctegorised section. Should be in Gaelic Football should it not???

@Hill16Blues that’s sorted now