NFL 2017 Round 5: Kerry v Dublin, Tralee, Saturday, March 18th, 7pm - Live eir Sport X1

Have at it ladies !

Who should be back for this?

First person to say that Kerry will win, as they won’t want to lose to us 5 times in a row (like they “wanted” to lose the other 4 times we bate them?) will get an instant 10 week ban. :unamused:

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Uh oh confusion … eh where do I post my thoughts on best way to travel down?

U ok hun?


Would like to see the same team that started against Mayo start again with the likes of DC COS and CC all coming on at some stage.

Any spare tickets???

I’d agree, same team as last time where possible and use the bench where appropriate.

The likes of Connolly, O’Sullivan etc could do with the rest.

Reported today that the GAA CCC offered counties with home games on the Sat eve the opportunity to move start time back to 7.30 to allow supporters watch end of Ire v Eng rugby (expected to finish at 6.50pm). The Kerry Co Board in their infinite wisdom have said NO!

The majority who will be interested in the rugby now face the prospect of all trying to get into what is small ground at the same time. It beggars belief that they would stick to the 7pm start. Beggars belief too that the guards would allow this. The Kerry Co Board proving what a bunch of bleedin amateurs they are :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

They never got over Galwey opting for the oval ball. All those years later … payback!

We’ve shot ourselves in the foot often enough with other codes. Let them off if they want to watch rugby.


Well, it didn’t take long for the Kerry conspiracy theorists to come out to play.

[quote]Post by buck02 on yesterday at 2:23pm
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yesterday at 12:03pm Mickmack said:
Who is the ref

Gough was linesman again last Sunday. He still has not been given a Division 1 game this year.

I would love to know the official reasoning behind this.[/quote]

So Gough hasn’t been given any D1 games then this year, has he?

It must be a different David Gough who got it in the neck last weekend, for only calling off the Tyrone/Cavan game 30 mins before throw in. Is it his twin? :joy:

Seán Hudson is the ref, never heard of him.


Am one of many people going to the game who will want to watch the rugby. Not all of us are pure gaels like yourself Alan. Silly pig headed nonsense not starting the game at 7.30. From health & safety point of view almost certain start of game will be delayed anyway.

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Watch what you want! I’m sure the Rugby crowd are fretting themselves about how to accommodate
the GAA when it clashes with one of their games.
Depending on how it’s going I might watch the end of the rugby but a click will send me to Kerry for the real game. I’d like to be there to have the worry of not seeing the end of the rugby.

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Correct. Soccer and rugby had to beg us for stadia but I don’t ever recall them being asked to change their times to suit us. Like it or not they are the competition. I have no interest in facilitating them. Never have.

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I read somewhere that Glenswilly’s Shane Williams asked for the rugby game to be put back til 9 so he could watch the Dubs but he was told to cer i grafu.

Jesus lads it’s not alway a competition that someone had to win. Our national rugby team will hopefully be playing to win major international competition. You can support / facilitate both without it compromising your gaelic purity!

Cian O’Sullivan back in contention for a spot, said so himself at some work gig last week.

Said he was hoping/targeting some involvement here

Think he was on the panel for last Sat. Was definitely togged out and did full pre match warmup. Be good to see him back next Sat.

You couldn’t miss him , the tan he had , looked like he spent cpl months in the sun !!!