NFL 2021, Round 2, Dublin v Kerry, Semple Stadium, Sunday, May 23rd, 1:45PM, TG4

Very well said.

Shut you up? Not at all. You were the person who was giving out about people commenting on Kerry. You can comment on whatever you want any time you want. Just let the rest of the Kerry obsessed fraternity do the same.

Comment away on Kerry but regards commenting on training where there’s fook all evidence any took place , give me a break

If you don’t agree with comments that’s grand. It’s speculation based on what people have seen or heard. If you don’t agree then you don’t agree. What’s your problem?

every single cameraman and journalist in munster was paid off not to spill the beans, hopefully we’ll slaughter the animals next week


This is a game Kerry have to win

For us it’s nothing as important.

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Would reckon they’ll go hell for leather for this. Think there’ll be a lot of agro involved!


Of course there will. On both sides. Would expect nothing less. Bring it on !

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Think it depends on what teams hit the pitch , we go full strength I wouldn’t want to lose to them
If they win there not stupid enough to think it would effect us in the long run
Think if today was anything to go by we are going experimental mode , but a kick in the rocks for Kerry if a team like today’s were to win next week

Kerry have beaten us in the League before - incl the Final in 2017 but it didn’t change the Championship reality … no matter how many wanted it to.


Wouldn’t bother me one bit if they did beat us. Their cockiness heading into the summer of 2017 was hilarious. Der Bomber was beside himself with glee. As was the rest of the media. And they didn’t even advance far enough to play us in the end. :joy:

He’s a strange fruit. Dublin don’t play a blanket defence.

The question is: can Kerry beat a Dublin team, with 15 men, playing at their best over 70+ minutes.

Beating Galway won’t answer that.

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Wonder if Joe noticed he was out scored by a certain Dub today?

Somehow doubt he’ll write an article on that

Was super scoring display by CC. If he had scored the 2 penalties he missed would’ve been some craic on League Sunday this eve as they gushed about Clifford’s 3-6.while CC had 3-13!

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Clifford is an outstanding player but Kerry pretty much the same group
Galway were awful.

Moran and Barry still midfield. The backs are the same players . Forwards pretty much the same
That Paul O’Shea I think will be good but I wouldn’t be too worried about them

I think Mayo Donegal Tyrone could say the same as Kerry
I expect us to have another good year and be there in another final


Aye they can flog them in training but it won’t make them better players.

Will they even recognise that 1-13 out scores 3-6?

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No. Because he is not David Clifford. The crown Prince of GOAT.


3-4 of that was from play.

I’m gonna have to tie me hands behind me back when they start on about clifford now