NFL 2021, Round 3, Dublin v Galway, Tuam Stadium, Sunday, May 30th, 3:45PM

A win will mean semi final place. No word yet if it’ll be on TV.

Assuming the same crew are available I’d go with something like this

Fitzy Byrne Cooper
Murchan McCarthy MacMahon
Fenton O’Cofaigh Byrne
Scully Kilkenny Bugler
Basquel Con Costello

Cooper needs game time.

Wouldn’t be opposed to Howard over Bugler or even both with Scully at wing back.

I’d be interested to see how O’Cofaigh Byrne gets on in comparison to how Lahiff has done.

Basquel needs a proper run from the start.

Con must stay at 14.

Need more from Fenton and Kilkenny.


I really like this. Priority is

Is McMahon best at wing back?
Is someone better than Lahiff out there.
Colm Basquel needs to be given a chance. Starting.

What ever happened to Darren Gavin?

Is this the last game before Leinster Champ?

Semi finals and possibly a final

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Is Shane Carthy anywhere near the panel?.. This is a winner takes all game, we really could do with a win and the guarantee of an extra game. Shane Walsh will be a threat, always negated by Small in any pre ious encounters. Need to be improving on 0.09 points over 70 mins, that was the biggest disappointment yesterday.

As far as I know no matter what happens we’ll have at least one more league game. If we win or draw we play a semi final. If we lose we play a relegation play off

Without knowing enough about O’C Byrne I think Fenton and McCarthy is by far our best midfield. Therefore I’d like to see the following starting:
Murchan,Byrne, Cooper
Lahiff McMahon McDaid
Fenton McCarthy
Scully Kilkenny Howard/Bugler
Costello Con Rock
I think Galvin said Rock would be available. Needed for frees alone

We’ve been looking for a midfielder for a few years now since Mick McAuley’s legs couldn’t do 70 mins. Dermo brought back and tried there too.

James Mc has been a more than able performer but he’s so good at wing back.


Yep - he’s definitely on the panel.

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Think we need James at 5. Howard at 9.

That sorts some shit.


Agree. Howard has got to play. Hope we try him out at mid field. If I recall correctly he played there in 2nd half of 2019 replay and did a good job.

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And he did a rather spiffing job there too in 2020 second half v Mayo.

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If Small is out which I’d imagine he is then I think McCarthy must go to 6. It’s a big ask for Sean MacMahon to go there.

It’ll probably be Murchan and McDaid on the wings but we need more from both. They have pace but are slow to use it or take on a man like Jack used to. Rarely get that involved with the attack.

Fenton will play midfield, he’s probably the best midfielder to have played the game. If it’s not broken don’t fix it ie. he doesn’t need to be a forward. He needs a partner though, is Lahiff the answer? Surely in the league we can look at alternatives?

The game will be live on TG4:


We are not good enough anymore to have the luxury of Howard at wing forward

He got 1 minute yesterday . Didn’t start last year … something not right there

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We need to get a result in Tuam. Otherwise we’ll be in an unwanted and risky relegation play-off against one of the northern teams. Not where we want to be.

What are the permutations for this? Draw needed at least. Kerry expected to beat Roscommon so will probably top the group on score difference even if Dublin win.

I’m effing livid. Tuam Stadium is like a <10 minutes drive from my house. First time Dublin have played a game there in living memory, and I CAN’T GODDAM GO TO IT.