NFL 2022, Div 1, Rd 1, Dublin vs Armagh, Sat Jan 29th, Croke Park, 7:30 pm

Anyone willing to take a wild wild guess at a starting team? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will start , Cluxton in goal


Kevin o Driscoll worth a look


Has any broadcaster stepped forward to take the games that Eir should have had for this league?

Jack at 7, Mannion 13.


Think RTÉ have sat snd tg4 sun. Maybe GAA go might fill the Eir coverage

Will there be over 5k allowed do people feel ?

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There will be close to 40k I’d imagine at least

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Gerry Hargan full back.

big joe and vinnie 16 / 17

He’s declared for the Hurlers.


GAA are probably waiting to hear what MeHole Fartin says tomorrow re restrictions on crowd sizes being lifted

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think they’ll want to fill the rugger bugger stadium next week so they’ll have to open up croker aswell


Agree, only problem is the games are a week apart, as the 1st :ireland: game is 5 Feb, so need the restrictions lifted before end of Jan., the Dubs game is 29th Jan.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

ok, I thought the rugger was on Saturday wk in landsdowne aswell

Id say we will see 3 or 4 fresh faces for this one. I’m going to give it a wild go, no logic behind any of this but if I do get it right you all owe me a pint

Mick Fitz
D Byrne
O Cofaigh Byrne
A Byrne
C Basquel

Extended rest for likes of Jamesy, Con, Deano and Johnny, Bugler, Ladd and Kennedy to get a run if available

How is Bugler’s injury anyone know?

Age waits for no man, so there will come a time when Jamesie and Deano lose their places. And knowing how Dessie keeps faith with the man in possession if he’s playing well, I don’t either James or Dean will want to be taking extra time off. In fact, this has already been a bigger break for most of our lads than they’ve had in years.

Unless someone’s carrying a knock I think we’ll have a full strength match day panel.

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I agree but I don’t see how you find 2 or 3 new players without giving them a go from the start in these type of games

Dessie may go for the win the AI approach last hurrah this year and ride off into the sunset

Two out of 3 years wouldn’t be a bad legacy

There is a hell of a rebuild job coming . But he could push it out 12-18 months perhaps

There is still enough in the tank … just for the older lads for one more push … maybe two at a stretch

However a few injuries and that goes up in smoke

It’s not an easy choice . Really depends how long he intends to stay