NFL (American Football)

Couldnt arrange a F-15 flyover to introduce this topic but here goes.
Anyone looking forward to the new American Football season. For me it fills the vacuum of the end of the GAA season and gets me through the winter. Will have my fantasy team(s) sorted in the next few weeks and thats my Sundays sorted until February.
For what its worth I predict a Steelers Superbowl win, you heard it here 1st.

No interest really til the Superbowl .Though I’ve Sky Sports this year so I might have an opportunity to catch a game or two .How long are the games now ? 3-4-5 hours ?

Giants fan here.

I think sky have all the live games again, which means ghost coverage of the Sunday night game :confounded:

Will the BBC be doing the highlights show? That was a very good production.

If you miss iron mike Carlson and Coombes their show on talk sport 2 is on podcast

It isnt as bad as it used to be, but still takes about 3 hours from start to finish. I usually stream NFL Redzone on a Sunday where they flip between all the games when teams are in the opposition half. No ad breaks, filler etc.


Absolutely living for it, going with Tampa this year two excellent wide receivers in Jackson and Evans and with Winston having another year under his belt think they could go all the way.
They’re actually the focus of this years HBOs hard knocks, great show if you’ve not seen it, covers teams preseason training camp.

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Do you bring your father down to watch the hurling?

Bit of a Philly Eagles fan due to family connections, but really don’t care so much for it!

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My kids a huge Odell Beckham fan, I’m a niners fan but gone a bit off them for the way they treated Kapaernick.


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Thats a great idea

Good to see theres other fans out there. Have re-watched the last 2 seasons of Hard Knocks and am leaving this years for another week. Will ease into the new season gradually.
I found out a few months back a relation of mine (Linebacker) was drafted in the mid 80’s by Seattle. He played for the U at college which is probably more impressive. Am a Bears fan myself but have a soft spot for the G-Men too.

Redzone is probably the greatest invention ever. If you have a Fantasy team its even better. I had 4 teams on the go last year and nearly needed to take a career break to keep track of it all.

FairPlay man 4 teams, I was in two leagues myself last year, stuck with the one Ihad in work and came 3rd in that but let my other one slide.
Both my kids play football ones a qb and the other a running back, I help a little with the coaching which has given me a better understanding of it.
I’m fascinated by how technical every single position is and very few cross over.

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The last year or so I’ve been listening to alot of American podcasts .First Take , Undisputed & recently Colin Cowherd so I’d be kinda up on what’s going on but I’d have to follow the season from the start to really get a grasp on it .NBA is more my sport for the last 20 years or so .

I hope you and your kids enjoy it KennyG thats all that matters really. Ive been a fan many years but still learn something new every year. Good call dubintipp on Mike Carlson, I really enjoy his input, & he likes his Irish tea too.
I also find during breaks you see analysis and development of plays, blown coverages etc that can pass you by in real time games. Its one positive the stop start nature of the game has.

Huge GB Packers fan.
Hard to see past the Pat’s, but history proves the difficulty to repeat due to the level of parity.

NFL Redzone is brilliant! 4+ hours of no adds. If you’ve a fantasy team its essential.

If there is one thing that the NFL does above and beyond any sport on the planet, it’s produce incredible video content. NFL Film’s (the production company owned by the league) produce brilliant documentaries including the story of each year’s champion (America’s game) and A Football Life (the story of particular notable players).

Can’t wait!!!

Spoiler: They won’t.

Pats fan here. Used to hate NFL but NFL GamePass changed how i watch it and watching condensed games in 30/40 mins is class,no ads just play.

I head over to watch the Pats the odd year and have to say enjoy the spectacle of it all. It bridges the gap between AI Final and League nicely, as i cant be dealing with the premier league nonsense…

Go Pats

That’s awesome that you get to go to games I’m possibly going to a Seahawks game this year, both my boys are Seattle fans, although they both have a soft spot for Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay.
I just think DeSean Jackson could be a big difference for Tampa this year and with McCoy they’ve one of the best defensive tackles in the league.
But I have nothing but admiration for the Pats, Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all time imo.

Wonder if mods want to turn this into an American sports forum, no one talking about baseball, I’m going to my first Major league game in 3 weeks to see my beloved Blue Jays host the royals, unbelievably excited for that.

Yeah I would head over most years in the last 7 / 8 to catch a game but yeah its great to be there, the game flies by when you are there.

Now baseball is something I never caught on to and I went to a couple games and just found it remarkably slow…if it wasn’t for the beer and hot dogs!

Honestly Tampa are on the up but they realistically wont be contenders in the NFC South against the falcons and the panthers but can they be in the hunt for a playoff spot? Possibly but looking at the last couple seasons you could be playing a big team in a wild card round.
DeShawn Jackson is talent but he’s old for a receiver and you need a good pool of talent to get you down the stretch, him and Evans will be a threat but need to be playing every game at the top. Winston is good and he’s the franchise future but the team isn’t stacked with WR talent which will make them predictable.

I fancied the Raiders last year, their last season in Oakland has a bit of magic sprinkled on it. Obviously too early to call but would fancy them if they stay healthy

Tampa wont get there.
Winston has too many bonehead plays (did you see the one he threw up in the pre-season game last week!! Christ…).

QB’s win championships! It’s a passing league!!

Raiders are a good shout! Very well rounded team, especially if they are playing with a lead this year. Mack is a beast!! AFC is loaded (Pats, Steelers, Raiders).

NFC is harder to call. Packers, Cowboys…and probably the Falcon’s (although I would expect a slight drop off with the loss of Shanahan as OC)

Surprise package for me (there’s always one) could be the Eagles. I was very impressed with Wentz last year and like the addition of Jeffery at WR (and to a lesser extent Torrey Smith - they desperately needed speed). The amount of drops from their receivers last year was criminal.