NFL (American Football)

Talk to me about your Fantasy League Sleepers…

I drafted Edelman as my #2 WR :confused:

I bet on the Packers last year but Nelson’s injury coupled with Lacy’s in-ability to stay away from the fridge put paid to that bet.
Yeah Redzone really is a plus. Was sick of commercials every 3 minutes for Taco Bell, Budweiser and erectile disfunction.
As for NFL films, theres a great Football life on the Sabols. The imagery, sounds and music are superb. The Americas game Missing Rings episodes were really good must say.

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Ooh I hate that. To the Waivers pronto.

One of the keeper leagues I’m in, a lad traded a second round draft pick for Spencer Ware…he did his ACL an hour later…Ouch!

One of my mates was at an American game a couple of weeks ago - not sure of the code, they all look the same to me - but he paid $84 or something for 6 bottles of Bud!! Wtf??

Not that bad I regularly attend CFL games and it’s $9 a beer. Used to be slot cheaper until we got a new stsdium this year, stadium is gouging the vendors so they’re passing on the prices.

I just don’t get American sports … or Americans … or America …

Inside Gillette Stadium you would pay 7 dollars for a beer or maybe 8 but lets face it, in Dublin in town (not temple bar) you wouldn’t blink at paying 6 euro for a beer which ultimately is the same cost.

Also, the tailgate is pretty serious over there. They get absoloutely BOMBED before the game and go in and sober up and then leave, eat some BBQ and then drive home. Ive been at a Pats game where there are people asleep in the stands! Overall it’s a class experience that the games in London don’t even come close to touching.

Reading these responses from our exiled Dubs I quite fancy the idea of an inaugural Reservoir Dubs tailgate out the back of Meaghers pub in Fairview before we “hopefully” become 3Peat world champions in a few weeks time.


JG has built a dynasty…Dublin are the winningest franchise of the decade.


What’s the best channel to watch games on . Which American one is the best ?

I stream Redzone online via the my feed to all streaming site. I dont watch conventional US channels per say. I have Sky so can see live games that way. From what I can recall I think Sky have Redzone via the red button.

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Sky Sports Mix last year had Redzone.

Hours of no ads, unbelievable stuff


I have Game Pass but redzone is on sky sports mix this year again, quality stuff

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Kicks off tonight, long wait is over.

Game of the weekend Cowboys Giants divisional match up on Sunday.

My early value tip for the season Dalvin Cook (Vikings) Offensive Rookie of the Year: 8/1


Anyon see a win for the Chiefs at pats game tonight.
Gonna go with a home win, but have Travis Kielce as TE on my fantasy team so hope he makes some plays and I pick up some points here.

What time is this on our time ?

It’s 6.30pm my time so 1.30am Irish

Ah OK , little too late for me .

All ready for the start. 3 Fantasy teams done will do 2 more later. No rookie mistakes this year no taking a QB in the 1st round.
Good shout Brogan on Dalvin Cook picked him up on 1 of my teams. Some decent games this Sunday too especially the NFC East matchups.
With the Thursday night games I usually record them, avoid looking for the score and watch Friday night. NE will probably win tonight but Kansas are no mugs. Watch out for Tyreek Hill on kick offs & punt returns.